Of Chihara Minori’s 1st Live 2008~Contact~…my copy is in the shipping process!!! \o/

June 21, 2008

Whee…What a nice Saturday for me. First of all, it’s a Saturday…a non working day so I’m already happy. Then I went shopping with my sister the whole day…extra happy…then we grab nice food…super happy..then I came back and checked CDJapan. Then I realized my copy of Chihara Minori 1st Live 2008~Contact~’s DVD is in the shipping process..so super duper happy. To sum it up..today is a super duper mega happy day for me ๐Ÿ˜€

And if you actually right click and view the picture above, you will realized my shipping address is actually a..convent. Lol. Yes, there’s no one to take the package for me in my home so I decided to reroute it to somewhere. And I was thinking…”Where can I find a place that is open and available during office hours, every weekday?” For some reason, the first answer that popped to my head was my high school. So I contacted my choir club teacher and I reroute the package to my school under her care. Lol. Aah…the things that I will do for Minorin~~~And well as usual…someone has already gotten a copy of this DVD earlier than anyone else…and that someone is none other than Minorin herself ^.^ . According to her blog entry, she got it as a present on last tuesday…or somewhere between that time. I wasn’t paying attention reading her blog then cause I was working and somehow I can’t seemed to access her blog now. Urgh. Well…at least I saved the picture she posted up. So here’s the picture via Minorin’s blog. A real copy of her first concert DVD. I gotta say…the DVD packing looks sleek. ^.^ Enjoy the picture and till next time. Ciao.



  1. :O In shipping process already? That made me check on my order – and yes, it’s in shipping process too~ YAY!

    But whoa…re-routing it – how dedicated. :3

  2. Why don’t you send it to your office? ^^; and how about local post office?

    Anyway, mine is also in shipping process~~ I thought Okui’s tribute album might slow this order down, but both items are ready~ xD Need to spare some space for two posters now.. CDJapan is love.

  3. @danie: Because I’m working inside a university and it’s not really safe if I send that package there…no one knows me and definitely no one will ring me up to take it because I am just an intern not a permanent worker.
    As for local post office? Hah! Please. My sister ordered a Wii Nunchunk from Play-Asia and the local post service bloody sent her an empty opened box. My sister complained and make their lives miserable but our confidence to the post services is down to 0. Everyone in my country tried NOT to leave their stuff to our local post office..that’s just like saying goodbye to their stuff.

  4. Is it shipped yet? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Is yours shipped yet? ๐Ÿ˜€

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