Of Animelo Lineups Updates…AGAIN!

June 19, 2008

Seriously, Animelo added more people into their already crammed artistes list. Here’s the latest artistes to be added in. (Picture is taken directly from animelo.jp).

So now we have ave;new feat.佐倉紗織 and AAA aka Attack All Around. What is AAA doing in Animelo I don’t know. Well, just wish to bring up this piece of news. That’s all. Nothing more. I’m still working and my neck hurts. I have been drawing Use Case Diagrams, flowcharts and ERDs the whole morning. I’m hungry, I’m cranky and I’m pissed. So I stopped all my work and blog right in front of everyone. Yay, I’m not working. Sue me. Well, now I shall sit idly and wait for lunch hour which is going to start in around 20 minutes more. Before I go, here’s a picture of an “alternative” cover of Mizuki Nana’s Live Formula Concert. Enjoy.

Lol. If only they really put this up as an alternative cover for Nana-chan’s concert DVD. Alright, I should now resume my daydreaming session until lunch time arrives. Ciao.



  1. The cover is made of pure win.
    And yea, I used to be overly excited (for good) every time Animelo announces new artists (I still did for Chiaking though) but it starts to feel like an old joke now now.. >_>

    And you’re lucky, I’m in front of PC all day at work, but can’t even open Firefox.

  2. @danie: Animelo lineups announcement….true to your words…from YAY! it has become like “huh? Another one??” Seriously they should stop…I mean…now that AAA is in too….the next we know Kuraki Mai is going to be in too…that will be like HUH??? XD
    And yes, of course I need to go online..I’m freaking developing an online database system for them. I hate my work…why must I do all the programming, design and analysis alone???

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