Of Elements Garden song list

June 18, 2008

Elements Garden is an awesome bunch of people. They composed many many songs including many Mizuki Nana’s hit songs such as Eternal Blaze, Innocent Starter and meh you get the idea. So coming this 6th of August 2008, they will be releasing their first album comprising of songs they composed. No they don’t sing lol. But the album’s gonna comprise lots of nice/awesome songs. Their first album comprises of 14 songs in total and it can be pre-ordered here. Here’s the song list:

・新曲 タイトル未定/榊原ゆい <– Song title not confirmed yet

・ Wing of Destiny/富田麻帆

・Happy Leap/榊原ゆい PCゲーム「タイムリープ」OP

・ZERO/佐藤裕美 PCゲーム「はぴねす!」OP

・夢の月/KAKO PS2用ソフト「きると~貴方と紡ぐ夢と恋のドレス~」OP

・魂響/片霧烈火 PCゲーム「魂響」OP

・Answer/片霧烈火 PCゲーム「G線上の魔王」OP

・Reconquista(レコンキスタ)/飛蘭 PCゲーム「レコンキスタ」OP

・dissonant chord/NANA PCゲーム「PRINCESS WALTZ」OP

・120円の春/YURIA PS2用ソフト「120円の春」OP

・Never Slash!!/ 飛蘭 PCゲーム「がくと!」OP

・CRISIS BEAT/Rita PCゲーム「オトメクライシス」OP

・ツナガル☆らぶみくす/矢田みこ PCゲーム「ツナバン・らぶみくす」OP

・好きよ☆ダーリン♪/ kozue PCゲーム「今夜のオカズはレンジdeまりね」OP


To my friend Iyn: Since I’m so nice providing you the song list..you should click the link above and buy the cd already XD.



  1. Aaaaaaah, there’s only one new song but at least it’s Yui-nyan. I know all the rest already so I’m not going to buy it, horrible me ^^;

  2. @j1m0ne: Yes you are horrible giving comments at 7.54am. XD
    It’s unhealthy reading my blog this early..it screws up your brain and renders you completely insane for at least half of a day XD. But I’m not buying the album also XD. Already got Minorin’s new single coming in during August…I got no more moolahs to waste…
    Hmm…maybe I should put moar pictures of …Inoue Marina….anything that’s to your oyaji’s taste…Or maybe boob sho…err I mean nice screenshots of Chiaki dancing… XD

  3. ….it’s called boredom? Work only starts at 8:15 anyway…. but wait. It’s 8:52 and I’m STILL slacking off LOL.

  4. *psst psst*
    My work is also supposed to start at 8.15am…but look what am I doing at 8.54am \o/. What’s more everyone has a meeting today but me because I got one whole different freaking system to develop by myself…so …shhh…but MOAR slacking….
    Welcome to j1m0ne’s and townberry’s chatroom version 1.0.1 btw XD

  5. Shhhhhh! I’m not slacking, I’m doing research!

    But yes, I have work to do. And I better go do it before my head gets put on the chopping block -____-

  6. I, too was trying to do work..honest…but my supervisor doesn’t allow me to even do the design before I get to analyze the system. But the thing is the person who’s supposed to do the analyzing with me is very busy and without her I can’t start a thing….so here I am..sitting here…staring at my computer screen…jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  7. yo pau pau

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    interview:上松範康(AGEMATSU Noriyasu)

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  11. interview:菊田大介(KIKUTA Daisuke)

  12. trial listening

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