Of Animelo line-up updates and Chihara Minori’s First English Fansite FOUND!!! ……or maybe not(lol)

June 16, 2008

Ever felt frustrated when you’re trying to seach for Minorin’s news and all that pops out are japanese language websites? Well, now you can let go of that frustration already cause believe or not…there’s an english fansite made specially for Minorin! Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot of the site. As usual to view the bigger size of the picture…please right click on the picture and press view image.

Clearly, the site is still a little bland and (well they did say it’s under construction). Will this be the beginning of a beautiful dream? Lol. Well, here’s the full link to the site at http://youhavebeentrickedbyme.com.

Lol. Okay, I am bored and I am stuck in my office. I was supposed to build a system for the university I’m working in but when I went to find the person in-charge this morning, she said she’s busy and she will get back to me…but she didn’t. So I was sitting there tweaking around with html and css to refresh my memories on them since I will be needing them for the online system that I am supposed to build from scratch. So, one thing leads to another and I ended up doing a dummy site looking like a Chihara Minori’s fansite. Lol. My bad. But do humor me. I’m bored. So for one last time, there’s no english fansite for Minorin (yet). And that picture above is a lame joke I made.

Lol. Okay, here’s a piece of real news. It seems the Animelo site has updated their artist list again and the latest to be added is none other than…a big bunch of seiyus. Lol. Alright, that doesn’t help much. Let me simplify that. The latest artists to be added in are a big bunch of seiyus aka Idolm@ster. Now, before you scream omg Kugimiya Rie is in (okay Kugimiya Rie is INDEED in…my bad)..anyway, before you scream omg Noto Mamiko/Kitamura Eri/Koshimizu Ami is in? Or something like that…well let me tell you something. It’s not the anime version of Idolm@ster’s cast. It’s the ARCADE/CONSOLE version of Idolm@ster’s cast that’s going to be there. One example of the cast is my beloved I mean, err..Chiaki Takahashi. So yes, I’m very happy. I get to see her performing again after Aice5. And here’s the proof I am not lying.

If you still don’t believe me, just go to http://animelo.jp/challenge/artist.html#imas . It’s all there. Okay now back to work. Ciao




    You could lend Moy a hand in setting up a Minorin site @ http://minorichihara.com, instead of letting it redirect to wikipedia heh.

    Why not set up http://yuihorie.com or http://hocchan.com? For all the loli-obasan lovers out there xD

  2. What??? Hey, Chiaki’s MINE! RAWR!!! Lol. I love her for being ever spunky and not her boobs….unlike you….oyaji XD.

    As for the site..well if you are serious..of course I can help out XD. Is that…a domain you created? Lol.
    And yes, I may set up one like http://yuihorie.com or http://hocchan.com . It’s a very good idea. The trouble is finding loli-obasan lovers hahaha.

  3. Ah, Moy refers to Moyism aka the guy who buys two copies of Nana & Minorin DVDs —> http://moyism.com/blog/ He’s the one who set up http://nanamizuki.info and http://minorichihara.com XD

    And I fully admit to being an oyaji in a 23-year old girl’s clothing xD

  4. Welcome to j1m0ne and townberry’s chat room. Lol. Okay anyway back to the topic..I mean our chatting topic hehe.
    Wow..fella’s rich. I’m envious lol. But well if he needs help in doing the site you can tell him that I’m always ready to help. Anything for Nana-chan and Minorin. \o/
    Who knows, the sites might be recognized and we might actually meet Nana-chan and Minorin in person!!! 0.0
    *me daydreams far far away*

  5. lol chatroom! anyway, we’ll see what moyism decides to do with the sites… it’s kinda sad that Nana/Minorin both have good fansites in Japanese, Chinese & Korean but the English community is lagging way behind.

    I’ll bet my house on Kugimiya not turning up at Animelo, she’s far too busy for that sort of stuff. That, and I cannot even imagine her prancing about on a stage alongside Chiaki, Mingos & co. *slaps forehead*

  6. Yeah. It’s a good idea about the websites. And the more I talk about it the more I’m into it. *me gulps down one bottle of vodka* Oh yeah! Excessive drinking! I’m high now! Bring it on CSS and HTML! Lol.

    As for Kugimiya…aww..if she doesn’t turn up..that’s not Idolm@ster anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and no one is too busy to forgo Animelo XD.
    Well, if you cannot imagine her prancing about on stage…I can….and it will be hillarious that’s why I’m looking forward to see her appear even MOAR. Lol. I’m evil.
    And Chiaki…yes..Chiaki…purple sentai Chiaki…Chiaki…..*drools* I need her spunky attitude XD. RAWR!!!

  7. But Rie is not an idol seiyuu ^^; I can’t imagine her wearing hawt outfits like the others would… she’d be like, wearing a long flowing dress like an obasan -_- And she might get flattened to death by Chiaki & Yurishii’s boobs!

    I keep talking about boobs >_> I need sleep >_>

  8. I don’t watch Rie for her err..boobs. I watch her for her voice talent. Ahem…I mean I am saying in a totally normal way…not as a loli-obasan lover.
    And…seriously…you have too many boobs inside your brain already. GO TO SLEEP! Geez….Isn’t the image of Chiaki hugging you, crushing you with her boobs to sleep enough already? XD

  9. ..somehow this boob talk reminds me of Kanokon’s “pure-white mountains”. ^^;; …ugh for that, yay for Chiaki’s boobs. I see now, they’re playing it evenly, Minami for 8/30 and Chiaki for 8/31 so everyone can get the boobs equally….

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ …I didn’t know moyism started a Nana fansite. I’m processing mizuki-nana.net domain at the moment. And learned Joomla for that during my completely irrelevant exam. >_>
    …anyway, the more fansites, the better, huh? Let people know how Nana’s rly awesome~ xD

  10. If the English website for Minorin ever came to live, I’ll the one who “spam” the site everyday to increase the counter fig XD
    You know.. it’s REALLY a good idea to have since… not everyone can read in Japanese ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. Okay..thanks to j1m0ne, my whole impression of Animelo has turned into some boob feast. XD
    But hey, the people I am looking forward to watch in Animelo apart from Chiaki…they all need MOAR milk. Especially the lead singer of Kurobara Honzokai la la la. Loli-obasan is still the best for me XD.

  12. I just noticed miko(from Marisa Stole the Precious Thing fame) was in the singer lineup… whoa and here I was thinking that she was a small time singer for IOSYS :O

  13. Oh yeah YUIEL! Wonder which song they will perform, I like Flower especially. But any song will do!

  14. I’m guessing they are gonna perform the two songs from their latest sing “Red Signal”. So it’s gonna be “Red Signal” and “Happy Happy Rice Shower Black Version”. God suddenly I imagine Kurobara standing there jamming Happy Happy Rice Shower like some metal songs and Hoc-ch…I mean YUIEL fans go scream “HOC-CHAN!” as do they whenever Happy Happy Rice Shower was performed. Lol, now that will be hillarious as hell.

  15. Hahaha! That scenario will be damn funny. But the fanbois will be sad cos YUIEL will not smile, dance or do hand signals. I wonder who the drummer will be, and what will the 2 extra members do. Dance? Sort of like….slipknot.

  16. Hey, nothing wrong with smiling…maybe not the hand signals..but I think a cool YUIEL will be loved by the crowd too. I know I do. *Me imagines YUIEL holding the mic stand looking sideways* Kyaaa~~
    Drummer wise I think it’s going to be performed by Animelo backup musicians. Animelo is a live band show and all singers without a band will be accompanied by the backup musicians. So no worries there. And yes the other two members kinda disturbed me. I mean sure, the other female member can just stand there holding a microphone singing echos (She IS the backup singer after all) but..that MA guy? Is he going to do his angel dance to traumatize everybody? I don’t know…I wish someone will chuck him a keyboard or a guitar and at least let him looks cool rather than disturbing.

  17. You know, Horie Yui actually asked Mizuki Nana if she would play drums for Kurobara Hozonkai last year (Nana was non-commital). It’s a shame that they’re not playing on the same day ^^; The rest of the band are actually pretty amusing ppl away from the make-up and angel dances. I would prefer it if they performed Manten Planetarium or Tobenai Tenshi, those songs are awesome.

    But with all the artists being added, the Sunday line-up suddenly looks so much more appealing than Saturday’s…. if they were ever able to add Hashimoto Miyuki, Sakakibara Yui & KOTOKO and kick Hirano Aya out things would be perfect.

  18. …Nana-chan knows how to play drums?? What??? Crap..and here I am learning drums hoping I will make it into Kurobara someday D:
    Lol….But that will be so KEWL!!! I will scream my lungs out…And yes, it’s a shame they don’t appear on the same day…but then again..it will be abit overkill if you put Yukarin, Nana-chan, Minorin and Hoc-chan together in the same day. And yes, they are amusing people…I like the bassist’s skills actually. He’s holding a freaking 6 strings bass guitar…and he does alot of those slapping style….and I like MA doing lyrics and such for the songs…I just don’t like him..dancing around…
    For me, I hope they will perform Blue Heaven and Tobenai Tenshi. Both the songs made Hoc-chan..err I mean YUIEL sounds…sexy *drools*. Suddenly I have an image of Kurobara Honzokai consisting Hoc-chan as the singer…Nana-chan as the drummer…and Minorin as the second guitarist…crap that will be DREAM COME TRUE. And then I’m gonna force myself in as a keyboardist XD. *Me dreams of gothic harem*
    Initially I am watching Sunday show for Kurobara and Jam Project only…now there’s Chiaki’s boo…err I mean Idolm@ster to watch too ^.^.
    And aww..don’t be so evil to Hirano-san…it’s okay if she performs Unnamed World…and not that horrible, traumatizing second song.

  19. Hey, that was in your blog, j1m0ne! i remembered reading that last year.


  20. Gee j1m0ne, your pheromones spread itself everywhere and now it has hit my blog. *me try to kill off the pheromones using some bug spray*
    Lol at j1m0ne and her unchallenged seiyuu stalking power …

  21. Holy shi…sorry, my memory bank has to be cleared every 6 weeks (too much rubbish) so I never remember what the heck I post -_- Good job with digging that one out Mr. P [^_^]b You get the seal of approval for stalking my blog!

  22. @j1m0ne: You should blog more about Hoc-chan then I will remember exactly which post was that and what date did you post it up XD
    But then again, alot of people stalk your blog…I truly believe your blog power will attract some seiyuu’s personal attention one fine day…but in the mean time *me continues spraying bug spray*…Urgh, your pheromones got to my working blouse already… ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. […] gonna bored everyone out. So I decided to upload the fake site I did. Yeap, that Chihara Minori First English Fansite lol. It’s a stupid thing I did sometime ago and I think I tricked quite some people. So now, […]

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