Of Horie Yui, Mizuki Nana, Aice5, CDs, DVDs…zomg my cabinet has no more space!

June 15, 2008

Lol…ok this post has nothing much to do with the picture above….well…maybe it does. Anyway, I have been extremely busy and lazy lately. Busy with my internship and lazy with my blog. I haven’t been updating since…err last week? Meh, I doubt anyone misses me anyway lol. Anyway, I decided to clean up my Ikea glass cabinet because I realized there’s no more space for me to chuck my Hoc-chan’s Christmas Eve Concert DVD and Nana-chan’s Live Formula inside. For the past week, that two poor box sets have been lying on random places in my bedroom. So today, well since it’s sunny Sunday, I decided to throw everything out and repositioned all my CDs and DVDs I put inside previously. And since I took them all out…I decided..well let’s all take pictures XD. That explains the picture you see on top. That’s my copy of Nana-chan’s Starcamp EP “posing” with the February Issue of Hm3. (Oh, to view the bigger version of all the pictures, right click and press view image).

Ahh, here’s a picture of Nana-chan meets Nana-chan. Lol. Okay, j1m0ne, if you’re reading this….yay! I got the photoframe! See? I even put them together. XD. Sorry about the picture quality though, my room’s kinda dark and my camera is almost 8 years old already.

Then, right before I stuff everything back inside, I was thinking…oh ho..let’s take a group photo XD. So there ya go, my miniature Mizuki Nana’s collection. Sorry I don’t buy as much as some of fans do, I’m penniless…

Er, let’s start from the left. There’s the Nana Mizuki Sing Forever song book (it’s a photobook + band/piano score), Nana-chan’s Great Activity Album Limited Edition, Nana-chan’s 2006 Livedom Birth at Budokan Box Set with the Nana-chan’s Live Formula Photo Frame which I stole from j1m0ne…lol. Last but not least, Nana-chan’s Live Formula DVD and her Starcamp EP single on top. Clearly her 2007 and 2005 concert DVDs are missing. That’s because I forgot to order and there’s no limited edition left. Besides I was broke when her 2007 concert DVDs are on sale. Oh well.

Then of course, there’s my Hoc-chan collections XD. From the left-most, there’s her 2006 Adventure Over Horie Yui Concert DVD, her Adventure Over Horie Yui Concert photobook, with her 2008 album “Darling” and “Usotsuki Alice to Kujira-go wo Meguru Bouken” album. Next we have her single “Days”, her 2007 Christmas Eve Concert DVD and her single “Koisuru Tenkizu”. Last but not least, Hoc-chan’s (probably on of her most famous song’s single) “Scramble” and Hoc-chan’s one and only piano score book, Sky + Best. All CDs and DVDs are the limited editions except for Scramble. I was too late when I ordered that….Missed out on the PV. Darn.

Last but not least, my collections of the disbanded group Aice5….*sob sob* (Clearly, I still can’t really get over the fact they disbanded). Apart from the scissors and batteries on the very top (lol), all CDs and DVDs are in limited edition. So don’t come and ask “Hey, I bought this single too but how come our cover doesn’t look the same?”. So there you have it, your answer. From the leftmost, Aice5 Memorial Photo Book (geez, they make it sound as if they are dead or something). Next is the “Brand New Day” single with their “Love Power” single on top. Then we have their first concert DVD “1st Tour 2007 Love Aice5” with their final single before they disbanded “Re.Member” on top. Last but not least we have their “Aice5 Final Party Last Aice5” with their first and last album on top “Love Aice5”. Sigh.

Alright, after wasting enough time taking pictures and stuff, I reckon it’s time to try stuff them back all into the cabinet. I chucked out my HM3 magazines and Voicha mook. I also chucked out my Hayate no Gotoku’s cup. Then I slowly slide in every single CD and DVDs back into it. Here’s the end result.

Hmm..clearly not bad at all XD. I finally cleaned up my cabinet woohoo! And I finally stuff the two DVDs inside! Yay! I should go celebrate. Though, I know sooner or later I will have to start worrying again. My copy of Chihara Minori’s concert DVD is coming end of this month. Crap. And in case any of you wondering what kind of cabinet is that since it looked so small….well, that’s because I am only using the bottom most section of my Ikea glass cabinet. Because it’s a glass cabinet and though it looks very nice but when it comes to handling weight, only the bottom most section can handle the weight of all CDs and DVDs combined. So yeah, I should either stop buying stuff or change a cabinet or think of some solutions to this problem. But meh, I am going to leave that problem out for now. Too lazy to do anymore cleaning :P. Here’s a picture of my full cabinet before I go. Sorry the picture is blur. Till next time, ciao.



  1. *kidnaps the Ikea glass cabinet


    LOL PHOTOFRAME!!! It’s good that you have a cabinet to put all your stuff, I’ve got like… a stack of seiyuu/anime mags & CDs lying around in random corners of my room >_>

    That Hocchan collection is pretty impressive! The only artists who I’ve got massive collections are this obscure Japanese band called Gentouki and…. Leo Ku WTF. I have like, more than 10 of his CDs >_> I must’ve been braindead 10 years ago to be listening to his songs LOL.

  3. @Cholic: No darling you cannot kidnap my Ikea glass cabinet. Go get one yourself. I can pay for your bus trip to Ikea though XD.

    @j1m0ne: aww I miss you too. Lol. Yeah …photoframe. Lol. I also have another cabinet but it’s an open cabinet so I don’t want the dust to cover all my stuff XD. My seiyu and anime mags are pretty much chucked under my bed for convenient reading XD.
    Hehe thanks for the complimetn on the Hoc-chan collection..but as I said before…I like loli obasan ๐Ÿ˜›
    And Leo Ku is good so no worries. I actually have stacks of Kelly Chen CDs in the living room. Well at least my sister allows me to put those in her living room XD. Got around 10 CDs too. Lol. I think we are two not-so-very-sane-and-highly-obsessive-people. \o/

  4. ..still not too late to enjoy Museum’s 355 min of awesomeness. ๐Ÿ˜›
    HMV is having a “2 DVD at 25% off” campaign, heck, even the normal HMV price is cheaper than the normal retail price.

    Nice cabinet too, nobody buys that here, it’s freakin’ $180.

  5. @danie: Well, I enjoyed Museum…just didn’t get a copy of it
    *Me runs away from danie’s punches and kicks* And I want the limited edition copy…there’s none left so oh well. She got another 2008 concert coming up anyways…I mean..it’s Mizuki Nana…she won’t run out of dvds to release anytime soon XD.

    And about that cabinet…$180..as in AUD? 0.o Wow…I got it for less than $100 Aud. I bought it for RM200. So you go do the conversion XD.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ …blasphemy!

    Come on, I’m going to get Hocchan’s 2006 DVD sometime later (I bought her 2 latest albums last week. Oh shit, loli-obasan has got me), so.. you go buy Nana’s Museum too! XD

    And yea, Ikea’s price here is crazy. I heard it’s even cheaper in US. T_T Get a wooden CD tower, perfect for CD/DVD –I can put 1/8 figures there too.

  7. Hahaha loli-obasan is AWESOME!!! Well, I will buy Museum …maybe end of this year when Christmas is near and I have more moolahs to spend XD.
    And I can’t get anymore cabinet. My room is too small. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Besides more cabinet just encourages me to spend MOAR. So..I think this one glass cabinet will suffice. I’m trying hard to convince myself that too.

  8. What do you think of loli-obasan’s concert? I just received it from playasia, 1st press edition, and well, it was worth every single penny.

  9. @Mr. P: Hmm…the last time I check, I am still a loli-obasan faithful lover so…what can I say…it’s an awesome concert. I don’t care what others said but it’s an awesome concert to me XD
    Her singing improved alot and the sketch is downright hillarious too. And more hit songs of hers were performed so I don’t see any reason why I don’t like it…I LOVE IT. I LOVE Hoc-chan!!! Lol. Now you got me into some stalker mode already…

  10. My sentiments exactly! Anyway, what did she wished for? My command of Japanese suxxor.

  11. Would you forgive me if I say I forgot? Lol..probably not. Okay okay I kinda remembered…and to make I remembered correctly and it wasn’t just my own dream (you will know why)..well I rewatched that last scene.
    So anyway, if you are referring to the wish she made during epilogue…it literally means “I wish to be with you forever” (see why I say I have to check whether it’s just my own illusion? I always dream of that to happen XD)
    If you are referring to any wish she made during the concert’s sketch it’s just wishing to get the star back XD.

  12. Lol! Thanks for the info. That was a swwweeeeettttt wish.

    Hey, post a review of the concert already! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Review? What review? *me acts stupid*
    Lol yeah will do probably by end of this week…I’m too lazy to do screenshots…and thanks to you I am rewatching that concert…whee….

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