Of Horie Yui and Mizuki Nana’s Concert Pictures

June 7, 2008

I finally got them! The DVDs are here. I’m not going to say much. And I’m too tired to review the concert just yet. Here’s the picture of the DVDs out of their packaging. Some pictures of what’s inside. Picture book’s content. Dial ups beware and to view the pictures in bigger size, right click and view the pictures. You know the drill so here we go.

Picture 1: The covers, the extra photo booklets and the DVDs below

Picture 2: The second DVD of the Horie Yui Christmas Eve concert and the special bonus CD

Picture 3: Nana-chan’s 2 concert DVDs and one bonus DVD

Picture 4: Hoc-chan’s DVD cover. Limited edition obviously XD.

Picture 5: The back cover of Hoc-chan’s DVD

Picture 6: The side of the Hoc-chan’s DVD cover.

Picture 7: Hoc-chan’s Limited Edition Photo booklet’s cover.

That’s all for Hoc-chan DVD’s pictures. For now at least. The booklet is actually made of thick high quality cardboard. Kinda reminds me of those gigantic nursery rhyme books. I might upload all the contents of the photo booklet. If I am not lazy. Now then, let’s move on to Nana Mizuki’s DVD cover (and photo booklet). ^.^

Picture 8: Mizuki Nana’s DVD front cover. Limited Edition box set.

Picture 9: Mizuki Nana’s DVD back cover.

Picture 10: Mizuki Nana’s DVD side cover.

Picture 11: Mizuki Nana Photo booklet

Picture 12: A random picture taken from the photo booklet. Sorry, my scanner is…well..f**ked up.

Picture 13: Last but not least, Mizuki Nana in…I don’t know what you wanna call that…but lol nice pic XD. Taken from the photo booklet too. Sorry again bout my scanner.

Alright, that’s all for now. I am tired from my work and I need to watch my Hoc-chan concert DVD like NOW. Now if you will excuse me, I’m gonna go to heaven….A heaven consisting of hours of Hoc-chan’s singing XD. Till next time, enjoy those pictures.


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