Of Hoc-chan’s Christmas Eve concert DVD arriving at my home…oh joy…I am not there. $!@#$!

June 5, 2008

Oh joy to the world…Hoc-chan’s concert DVD is officially released TODAY! Joy to the world, my package arrived today! Damn the world, no one’s at home to collect that package today! I hate my life now. Oh yes, that picture above is from the DVD…but it’s not from MY copy of the DVD…it’s from a japanese website.

Sigh. The DVD and me has several so near yet so far encounters. Let’s see. It arrives in Penang at 10.08 am. I am currently doing my internship in Penang and that package is only about 10 kilometres away from me. I tried calling Fedex…but the hotline is soooo friendly. That automated voice from the hotline kept on asking me to key in the 9 digit of Fedex account number before I can proceed. Goddamn it…just because the package is being shipped to me via Fedex doesn’t mean I have a Fedex account! So after several attempts calling Fedex. I gave up and stared blankly at my PC at my workplace. Heh. Apparently I gave up on continuing my work too :P.

So after I came back from work at around 6pm, I checked the Fedex site again with the tracking number and found out that…whee..no one claimed that package so it’s stuck in the Fedex office in Ipoh. Joy to the world. Welcome to Ipoh, watashi no itooshi no DVD. Oh well, my mom is going back to Ipoh tomorrow. So hopefully, she will be able to collect the DVDs. Here’s the package tracking site. You can imagine me screaming while looking at it. (Right click and view image for full size)

On the other hand, I am totally bored out of my mind in my workplace. I was given a job to analyze the University’s staff’s system (yes, I am working in a public university in Penang called the bloody-USM-that-gives-me-no-moolahs). Anyway, I was supposed to turn in the report on next week’s Friday. But, I finished my job this morning. So I was literally turning around on my office chairs…surfing net and basically do what most people does…act busy. Act VEEERRRRRYYYYY busy. I wanted to go back earlier on Friday, so that my sister and I can avoid the congestion on the Penang bridge. But noooooo. USM has a talk regarding stupid Powerbuilder 10.5 for their own staffs and my supervisor is advising (more like forcing) us to go as well. And..that talk starts from 9am till 5pm! Oh god…what the hell they wanna talk about?! I have another similar talk too tomorrow from 9am till 5pm. Regarding ASP coding. Great. Just great. Life’s looking real great. Me stuck in Penang with two boring talks to endure. My package stuck in Ipoh with no one to take. Joy to the world. I can’t wait to go back home. Till then, I’m gonna stare at the picture I posted above and imagine I got the DVDs already. And all of a sudden, I want to eat ice cream to cheer myself up. Sigh.



  1. I know the feeling of missing the mail man and the package.. still good luck!

  2. Lol, I wish mine would come tomorrow instead. I have an exam tomorrow and all I’m doing is drooling over the booklet..

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