Of Hoc-chan Christmas Eve Concert DVD countdown…can someone delay my shipment??? / I am still very worn out from work

June 3, 2008

Yes, that’s Hoc-chan with the Doraemon’s take-copter. (Bamboo copter). Don’t ask me how she ended up with something like that. And yes, I wish I have one right now so that I can fly back to my hometown to get that package and then fly back to my work place. I am having a problem now of…the shipment is arriving a little too fast than I expected. I was hoping it will arrive by Thursday or Friday. By then, my mom will be at home to take the package. But when I track the package via Fedex tracking service (oh yes, Amazon japan uses Fedex by the way), I realised that my package is already on its way to Subic Port in Philippines. This means that by tomorrow afternoon, that package is going to be delivered to my empty house. Great. Yesterday, I was celebrating that the fact Amazon Japan already got the DVD and preparing to ship it. Today, I am freaking out because the package was shipped.

Sigh. Oh well. I just hope that nothing happens to my DVDs. On the other hand, I have yet to get use to the working life. I wake up around 7am today and went to work. By 12pm I was extremely groggy already. I yawned openly and was typing nonsense to the report I am supposed to write. I had a hard time concentrating and thinking because the whole report was supposed to be written in Malay language. The last time I actually wrote anything in Malay was…4 years ago. So, there I was, sleepy and having a headache trying to translate English sentences to Malay. I think I need a dictionary soon. Sigh. As usual I came back around 6pm and man, I was feeling extremely sleepy already by then. I ate my dinner and took a bath and all I wanted to do after that was to go to my bed and sleep. But I knew I shouldn’t because I will wake up 3-4 hours later and ended up having a hard time continuing my sleep…then I will be very tired by the time I wake up at 7am. So I forced myself to the living room and drank two cups of black coffee. Even that lasted me for only 3 hours. It is now 10.17pm and I am feeling extremely sleepy again. I think after I finish typing this post, I will head straight to the bed. Sigh. I never expected the industrial training to drain my energy this much. It’s like there’s nothing else I can do after finishing work. I will be so tired that all I wanted to do is sleep. What’s more, my industrial training only started and I have four months to go. I really wish Hoc-chan will be here with me and cheer me on. Just like this picture below.

I can’t wait for this week to end. Then I will be able to go back to my hometown and get my DVDs. For now, I just want to sleep. Till then, good night.



  1. Heh, don’t let the work get you down! You’ll get used to the hours soon enough…I think. I wake up at 6.15am every morning for the purpose of avoiding traffic and have managed to adjust my body clock to get used to 5 hours of sleep, heh.

    Ah, so nobody’s at your place to get the DVDs then? So I guess the Nana photoframe is facing the same fate lol.

  2. Yeah…it’s gonna take some time before my body clock get used to this routine…I am feeling a lot more fresher today though ๐Ÿ˜€
    Oh for the photoframe, someone took it from the courier fella. I don’t know who…maybe my grandmother actually saw the guy and went and take it…but anyway, the frame is safely inside my house in Ipoh….but…but..my package… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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