Of Idolm@ster Live For You! and Grand Theft Auto 4

June 1, 2008

I hate the month of June. It’s approaching too fast and I haven’t complete both Idolm@ster L4U and GTA4 yet. And LOL as I am writing this down…someone did a GTA on the street right below my apartment. Let’s see…I’m typing away as usual..then I heard a real loud engine blaring sound…the next thing I heard…the all oh-so-familiar sound of the car hitting the wall…with the car’s mirror crashed totally. I looked out…and yep. A white Proton Saga was parked at a very awkward position with it’s rear bump kissing the wall and shattered glasses everywhere on the floor. LOL. I’m not trying to be evil here or anything but it’s just funny the fact that…the road was empty..and I don’t know what the hell he did (yeap it’s a guy..probably late teens or early 20s driving…alone)..anyway, the road was empty…there’s a slight curvy corner and nothing else…and his car’s rear bumper is kissing the wall at the side of the road. Hmm..probably he went to fast at the corner and lost control. Anyway, as sudden as all that happened, he drove away already now and all that’s left are pieces of his bumper and shattered mirror. Hey, that’s what I have been doing in GTA4. And oh, the sound of the car’s mirror shattering in GTA4? It’s damn realistic. Hey, I just heard the same sound like 5 minutes ago lol. Good job Rockstar! XD

Ahem. Anyway, I’m kinda completing the game. Well at least for the main storyline that is. The graphics are well..very good compared to previous GTA series and there’s certainly a lot more interactable objects in the game. Hey, you need to even pay toll money to get through some roads. I am just disappointed why they don’t allow us to disfigure the main character anymore by giving him stupid hair cuts and branding him with stupid tattoos or stuff him with burgers till he looks like a giant balloon anymore. The only thing you can change bout your character is…his clothes. Oh..yay…I am sooo jumping up and down with joy. Sigh. The cops are more annoying than ever and the radio stations are still as hilarious and down right dumb as ever. Woohoo! I hope I can complete this game soon. Maybe in 2 days time. I have been dividing my times in between playing GTA4 and…Idolm@ster L4U (short for Live for you).

Oh yeah, I am totally freaking myself out playing this game. It’s a game where you are supposed to train/lead/help/setup/whatever three girls to become the ultimate idol in the err…world. So therefore you’re the idolmaster. Anyway, the story of this game goes like the original producer for the idol company just went MIA and of course there’s always a show scheduled for the girls. Therefore you will come in as the temporary (but somehow extremely talented) producer. Basically, the game needs you to choose three girls among the list of girls to be your err..band members. The first girl you choose will be the main girl and she will be the only one interacting with you. So if you have some fetish with a certain girl, choose her to be the first or else you won’t even hear her until the stage event starts. Personally, I chose Azusa. Why? Because her seiyu (voice actress) is Takahashi Chiaki. A former member of the Aice5 group. Yay. I have fetishes too.

ヽ(゜∀゜)ノ <–See? I’m cheering happily already.

Anyway, the gameplay is totally different from the first Idolm@ster. The first game is more of a dating simulation thing where you need to answer questions properly or there goes your chances with the girls. Of course knowledge of Japanese language is very much needed if you want to play the first game or you will miss out alot. If you don’t know Japanese or if you are like me who knows just enough to find safe points and tweaking with options and stuff, do try Idolm@ster L4U instead. Well, this game is kinda fun the fact that you can customize your idols’ costumes, performing grounds, camera angles and who sings which line of the song. Then when all your initial setups are done, you can go to the stage itself. There, it will be a rhythm game where you will have to tap the corresponding buttons that appear on the screen. Something like tatsujin taiko’s gameplay. The difference? Instead of hearing taiko sounds, you hear the fans cheer things like “HAI! HAI!” or “FU-WA! FU-WA!”. If you watched any Japanese concerts before like Mizuki Nana’s…remember how the fans all go “HAI! HAI! HAI!” simultaneously? That’s how the game works too. You press the correct button and the fans go “HAI! HAI! HAI!”. I really lol-ed at the concept but overall it’s an enjoyable game when you have nothing else better to do. Besides, the songs included inside are quite entertaining. They even have that Go My Way. It’s a must have song in Idolm@ster game I guess. XD

Well, it’s already 1st of June 2008 now. My holiday literally ended. In 32 hours time, I will be doing god-knows-what in the University of Science Malaysia working as an intern there. God. I hate internship. I hate being a final year university student. I hate having to wake up before 8am every morning. Sigh. Life sucks. Well, I better cherish the last few hours of my so called term break. It’s GTA4 time again with my XBOX360. Till then. Ciao.


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