Of Horie Yui Christmas Eve Concert DVD’s Countdown~ETA 3 days more~

June 1, 2008

My previous post say I hate the month of June. But I also love the month of June. Why I love the month of June? It means my Hoc-chan concert DVD is finally going to be released! 4th of June is the day I have been waiting all this while. More Hoc-chan goodies!!! Furthermore I packed my Mizuki Nana’s concert DVD together with this order so yay! Two DVDs in one shipping! After months of waiting. I am so going to watch each of the concert at least 5 times before I put them inside my shelf. June is also the month for Chihara Minori’s 2008 concert DVD release. But that’s at the end of the month. So give me probably another 2 weeks more and I will make some noise about that lol.
Anyway, while waiting for Hoc-chan’s DVD, I have been watching her 2006 concert DVD all over. I realized I missed some scenes. Lol. So, while we are counting down for the release of her new concert DVD. Let’s recap some of the moments in her 2006 concert. Let’s see….how about Hoc-chan…in gothic lolita style? Lol.

It’s kinda rare to see Hoc-chan wearing all black. Of course, I am pleasantly surprise when I see her in this gothic costume. Black and frills. Hmm..somehow, she kinda remind me of Arin of Pangya (or Super Swing Golf in Wii). There is a black color Halloween costume for Arin which look awfully similar to this. Hmm.

Here’s a more closeup look to the costume and Hoc-chan ❤

And clearly, Hoc-chan love that pose so much…or maybe she found it funny to be posing in such way…she grinned happily. Hmm..one of the few rare moments….I hope I see more of this happy grins in her upcoming concert DVD. =3

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Hoc-chan concert if we don’t see Hoc-chan standing in the middle of the stage with dancers lining up to her left and right side. Not that I mind though.

Sigh. Watching her 2006 concert just makes me want the 2007 Christmas Eve concert more and more. Oh Kami-sama, please let June 4th come by quickly. Please let Fedex ship my package faster. I will keep my fingers crossed for now and hopefully, by next week…I will be able to tuck my copy of Hoc-chan’s concert DVD safely in my Ikea glass cabinet. Till then, I am just going to watch her 2006 concert over and over again.


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