Of Chihara Minori 1st Live Tour 2008 Updates.

May 25, 2008

Hmm….Minorin’s March’s concert DVD (due to be released on 25th June) apparently indeed does have first press edition. The first press edition is coming together with a poster. The size? What poster is it exactly? I don’t know yet. But I ain’t expecting an extremely huge poster considering it’s packed with a DVD. I checked Minorin’s official site and browsed through the goods that were being sold as part of her concert promotional items and I discovered there’s two posters being sold at 500Yen each. The pictures below are as taken from chiharaminori.co.jp

I had a feeling the so called first press edition dvd is going to come with a random pick of the either two posters. Then I cross my fingers and hope that my copy comes with the first poster. Somehow, I prefer her simple looks.

Initially I thought this concert DVD was on about her November 2007 birthday concert. Turns out I was wrong. This concert DVD is a record of her March 2008 concert. My bad. I was complaining about how slow Lantis is in releasing her DVD. Now I realized that they are fast. Considering the concert was done in March and the DVD is already due out in end of June. But then again, damn j00 Lantis for not releasing her birthday concert to the DVD. Hmph whatever. Now for the song list. Can someone tell me why is she singing Junpaku Sanctuary twice? As if an acoustic version and the normal version is that much of a difference. But oh well. More Minorin I guess. But I am disappointed that she didn’t perform Sandglass~Kioku no Ryuushi~. That’s my favorite song. Damn. But I guess since this concert has to stick to it’s theme; her album Contact. Right. Anyway, here’s the list. I’m gonna go sulk under my bed.

3.Peace of mind~人魚のささやき
6.Fragment~Shooting star of the origin~
7.sleeping terror
10.mezzo forte
12.Last Arden
14.too late? Not late…
16.truth gift
18.Melty tale storage
19.Contact 13th



  1. Oooo~ I would love to get the first poster if it’s a random pick between the first two.

    Wait, acoustic version as well? Does that mean she’s gonna be also performing instrument-wise? =DD?!

  2. I guess she will be performing with her guitar. No doubt about it. So yeah, I guess the acoustic version might be an excuse for them to let Minorin show off her skills. XD

  3. @town:
    Where did you pre-order your DVD? CDJapan is the only place I know that listed the poster as first press bonus.. Amazon didn’t say anything :-/

  4. Yeah. CDJapan. Though Amazon is so much cheaper. But I am paying extra to ensure I get the poster. You can email amazon if you want.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Yachtswoman

  6. @Yachtswoman: Well, if there’s anything you don’t understand you can always email me and ask or something. And thanks for the compliment about my blog ^.^

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