Of Man Utd being UEFA Champion and me failing my exam.

May 23, 2008

The save that sealed the fate of Manchester United as the third time UEFA champion. That one crucial save by Edwin van der Sar. I cried tears of joy watching that happen. Undeniably, I am an avid fan of Manchester United FC. I have been supporting them since…1997? Somewhere around that. And to watch them win the UEFA champions league after 9 years, it’s unbelievable.

Though I have to admit, lady luck was indeed with Man Utd when they won the cup this year. I thought everything was over when Ronaldo missed his penalty. Seriously, it was a terrible gimmick. He shouldn’t have stopped and then change his footing. That’s just giving time for the goalkeeper to analyze your move and dive for the save. These moments are the ones that made me feel, sometimes, Ronaldo is that overrated. Of course, it didn’t help looking at him kneeling/laying on the floor praying/crying while John Terry prepared himself for the “final” penalty kick for Chelsea. Now, Terry’s kick was really a sad case. So sad, I felt bad for him. He slipped last minute and his kick just went whoosh and hit the woodwork. It was due to that kick that the penalty had to go to sudden death mode. That’s when the miracle happened. After failing to save 6 shots in a row, (yeah, he didn’t save Terry’s shot either. That shot went out by itself), van der Sar suddenly turned hero when he dived at the right moment, to the right side…which is the right lol and saved Nicholas Anelka’s kick. Suddenly, the tables are turned and Manchester United became the champion. I wouldn’t exactly want them to win the cup that way, but oh well, a victory is still a victory and I cried tears of joy. That was roughly around 6am in the morning.

8 and half hours later I cried tears of pain in the exam hall when I stared at my exam paper and realized I didn’t know what the heck is being written on that paper…at all. I needed 27 marks to pass that subject. Now, I am not so sure I can even score 17 marks. Please god, since you gave Man Utd a miraculous night, surely you wouldn’t mind sparing some of those miracle for my exam?

Urgh. Anyway, I moved out of my apartment and came back to my hometown in Ipoh. Will be staying around for a couple of days before moving to Penang for my internship. Gee, I seem to be moving around alot lately.

Well, I am definitely looking forward for this month to end. No, not because I am eager to go for my internship (which starts on June 2nd) but I am very, definitely, extremely looking forward to the release of Hoc-chan’s Christmas Eve concert DVD on the 4th of June. I need my doses of Hoc-chan’s cuteness and moe-ness to stay alive. Till then, I’m gonna go pray hard and beg for a miracle to happen on my damn Computer Network final exam paper. At the same time, I am gonna ogle at this picture until the release of Hoc-chan’s DVD. Ike ike Hoc-chan!!!


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