Of karaoke fever and looming exam papers

May 20, 2008

I don’t know why, but I have been singing Cantonese pop songs for the past 24 hours. I just felt like listening to Kelly Chen and Jacky Cheung’s old songs once more and started singing in whee hours. Despite the fact that I should have been studying for my Software Engineering final examination instead. Right. Let’s change topic. Whee.

Let’s face it. I’m bored and Hoc-chan’s new concert DVD is not coming out for another 2 weeks or so. Therefore I have been watching back her 2006 concert DVD that I bought some time ago. It’s really a worth to buy DVD. It contains 2 DVD and the casing is just …well cute. The casing is a book. Seriously, it’s a book. You open the book and you will find the first and last page to be a plastic case that holds the disc 1 and disc 2 respectively. There are a number of pages of content in the book. Mostly about the locations where Hoc-chan filmed her PVs and stuff. I don’t really remember. There is also a complimentary bookmark inside. Consider buying this DVD while waiting for the new one to arrive XD. The extra content in disc 2 is also extremely hilarious especially if you check out the Osaka part of Hoc-chan’s concert tour. She burst out laughing while singing “Love Destiny”. She kept on laughing and well literally spoil the whole song but in a cute and forgivable way. (Hey, you’re listening to a hardcore Hoc-chan fan talking here.) The reason why she burst out laughing? You just gotta check out the dvd yourself :P. If you think the DVD extras showed you too little and you want to see more of the backstage scene, then do consider getting this book.

Yeap. This is literally a photo book with tonnes of backstage photos regarding the 2006 concert. There’s even a huge Hoc-chan poster included. This book is really thick and heavy so if you are looking for more Hoc-chan goodness, you wouldn’t want to miss out this book. But be aware, you don’t want to drop this book on your toe. I did it once and I cried silent tears. 1) Because I dropped the book 2) Because for some reason, my toe hurt like hell. Go figure.

It’s 12.42am now and my exam is starting in roughly 8 hours time. Yeap. Software Engineering Final Examination starting on 9am on a beautiful Tuesday morning. I hate my life already. I really can’t wait to finish all my exams. My final paper is coming up this Thursday 22nd of May 2008. Well, 8 hours to cramp up for my paper and I am still singing Cantonese pop songs. Hahaha. I am also looking forward to the release of Hoc-chan’s Christmas Eve concert DVD. 15 more days to go before the release date on June 4th 2008. Here’s once more to Hoc-chan. Ike Ike Hoc-chan!!!



  1. Just realized your blog has a ‘dark theme’ that doesn’t match your sweet obsession to Hocchan. ๐Ÿ˜› I was thinking of getting Adventure last year but I bought Yukarin’s PinkleTwinkle instead :-/ it was fantastic thou, but maybe coz I prefer her songs a bit more. Let’s see if the Christmas DVD satisfy me later, I’ll buy the previous one too. ^^

  2. That’s because most of the time I am a depressing person. Only Hoc-chan brings some kira-kira into my life. Heh, I never really like Yukarin. Don’t ask me why. Must be because of Nanoha. I know she is a good singer and all. She’s just not in my list of favorites. But of course, I respect every of her fans because I believe in the freedom of choices.

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