Of Mangas and Bloody Stupid Exams

May 18, 2008

I hate exams but I love mangas. I had an Operating System I final exam paper on the afternoon of 17th May 2008 and at 3.00am on the same day, I found myself reading manga instead of studying for that exam. Ahh I wish I have magic powers like the people in Hibiki’s Magic. Then I can even answer my exams eyes closed. Then again, life’s always cruel and magic less. That’s why I need my dose of Hibiki’s Magic.

Hibiki’s Magic is about a magic user name Hibiki and her trials and tribulations as a professor in the academy of magic. The storyline in general kinda reminds me of Harry Potter. Then again, Hibiki’s Magic works its own magic by providing us with different mini stories as the characters develops. Usually those stories end with morals regarding life and I love stories like that. Hibiki’s Magic also has many lovable characters and all of them have their own back story. I am not an avid manga reader but yet somehow I am enchanted by Hibiki’s Magic. Sadly, the continuation of the story is postponed indefinitely in Japan since late last year. I have been waiting for the third book for quite sometime now. Alas, it seems to me, I will just have to wait for a long period of time. Sigh.

This is another read worthy manga. It’s an obscure manga entitled “Because I’m The Goddess” and it completes itself within 3 volumes. It’s a magical/fantasy/romance/drama genre manga with the main story revolving around a brainless goddess and her man-servant. One simple glance and this manga may look like some nonsensical piece of work but if you read on further you will discover more than just random magic using, teenage romance story. I especially love the ending where it brings a strong message of “looks are not everything in life”. But looking at this cover of the volume 3 of “Because I’m The Goddess” made me especially emo. That is because somehow, I lost my copy of the volume 3. Goddamn it. I don’t know where I chuck it. I couldn’t find it in my house in Ipoh, nor can I find it in my apartment in Penang. Urgh. I think I need to get another copy of it.

Anyway, just feel like sharing two titles of manga that I felt worth reading. It’s 1.39am now and honestly, I feel extremely sleepy. But I just knocked my toes on the edge of my cupboard and they are literally stinging in pain and I can’t exactly sleep with the swollen toes. That’s what I get for trying to walk pass my cupboard with my eyes half closed. Well, as mentioned before, I was reading manga at 3.00am and I didn’t stop reading until around 4.30am. I slept immediately after that but I have to wake up at 7.00am because I have a bus to catch at 8.30am to travel down back to KL for my exam at 2.30pm. So to the bus I go and at 12.30pm I arrived in my apartment in Cyberjaya. Then I finally revised abit before walking to campus at 2.15pm. Needless to say, I bombed my paper. Mwhuahahahaha. God I hope I pass the subject.

Then I went out for a movie after my exam and I only came back at around 10.30pm. Then I vacuumed and mopped my room because I reckon it’s too dirty for me to sleep on anymore. So now, I am tired and sleepy and my toes are still swollen. Oh by the way, the movie I watched was “Speed Racer” and believe it or not, it was an awesome movie in it’s own original way. I’m too tired to elaborate, but please do go watch it while it’s still on the cinema. It’s good. Now time for me to actually get some sleep. It’s Sunday now, and everyone gets to rest on Sunday. So do I. Goodnight.



  1. ooo looks cute XD

  2. Now I know what you’ve been up to. You saw Speed Racer? Why didn’t you go see “King Kong” instead? =P It was quite good.

    I am going to go see Indiana Jones on Thursday. Bought my ticket online. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hibiki’s Magic is wonderful. The first volume made me bawl and no manga has ever made me cry before. I can’t wait to get the second volume.

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