Of Permanent Hoc-chan Fever and My Own Real Fever

May 14, 2008

Now. this is a very old book from Hoc-chan, around 5 years ago. And I WISH, I WISH, there’s another book like this book coming out for the album Darling. This is because, this book is not any photo album or autobiography book. Rather, it’s a PIANO SOLO music score book. Yeap. You heard it right. A music score book. Scores includes songs like Love Destiny, Tsubasa, All My Love, It’s My Style, Sakura, Kirari Takaramono, Yakusoku, Happy Happy Rice Shower. Basically her popular songs from her first to third album. However, there’s one thing that surprised me though.
This book is supposed to be like “EASY PIANO SCORE FEATURING HORIE YUI’S SONG” or so it claims. But when I opened the book and glanced through. Oh my god, don’t even bother attempting this book if you’re not an intermediate piano player. If I were to compare this book to the Nana Mizuki Sing Forever Music Score Book, I would say that looking at the notes in the Nana Mizuki’s score book is less pain to my eyes. Almost every single song in the Hoc-chan’s piano solo book is timed at 100-150 per bar with 3-4 sharps or flats to go with. Hahaha…I sense some kind of sick joke played by the score arranger here. Whatever it is, it is still the only official piano score book of Hoc-chan’s song ever released so if you are interested in getting her music scores, this may be your only official choice. Now that both Hoc-chan and Nana-chan already released their own music score book, I wonder when will Minorin follow suit? Hehehehe.

Another out of date book (magazine rather) that I have not talked about is this:

Yes, it’s a FEBRUARY ISSUE and it’s already May now. What can I say. I am never keen on this magazine because I remember myself once spending 25 Singapore Dollars buying an issue of this magazine last year (yes they do sell seiyu magazines in Singapore’s KInokuniya therefore SCREW YOU MALAYSIA!). Ahem, anyway, last year’s issue also had like tonnes of promosing stuffs on the cover but the contents inside were not that good so I decided to drop this magazine. What made me buy the February issue of 2008 then? Hoc-chan…in red kimono? Can I resist? Yes? No? I think the answer is clear by now. But anyway, this issue is surprisingly very good. Content wise, if you are a Hoc-chan lover like me, you will feel as if your soul fly up to the heaven and back.

Ok, in summary, front cover, Hoc-chan in Kimono. Flip, first poster, Hoc-chan in Kimono’s calendar poster. (Don’t nosebleed). Flip, oh, another poster…Nana Mizuki’s poster. (What?! Calm down girl). Flip, oh, Hoc-chan’s interview and pictures of Hoc-chan doing calligraphy (Kya..Shh..Don’t shout now). Flip, Nana Mizuki’s interview (*drip drip* Stop drooling!) Flip, oh what’s this centerfold poster….it’s huge…really huge…the size of 50x70cm…it’s the …poster of Hoc-chan in white…angelic outfit (Tissue! I need tissue for my nosebleeding!) Oh, the poster is flippable, on the other side, Hoc-chan in that kimono again! (*Author temporarily dies*).

Ahem. Back to more flipping. Flip flip. Oh, Chihara Minori’s concert coverage. Though it’s kinda sad it’s only 2 pages with 5 questions asked. She should get more coverage. Though to make it up, there’s also a poster of Chihara Minori. A very nice poster at a very nice angle ๐Ÿ˜€ (When I mean nice angle I don’t mean “that” nice angle).

So yeah, if you still haven’t get this magazine, go grab it. If you’re a Horie Yui, Mizuki Nana and Chihara Minori lover like me, go grab it. There’s 4 more copies available in Amazon japan. There won’t be anymore stock available after that so be fast. Hey flipping over this magazine has in fact cured me of my own fever you know?

I was down with a 39.5C fever last weekend. And with that fever and ulcers in my throat, I

1) Went to Wa Kin Chou’s Mother’s Day Concert in Genting with my mom and sis

2) Went back to Cyberjaya and took my Ethics exam

3) Literally wrote ETCHIS tonnes of times instead of the word ETHICS in the paper. Medicine effect.

4) Nearly puke on my lecturer

5) Flipped that magazine and ogled at those pictures until I recovered XD.

It’s Wednesday now and I am still procrastinating from studying for my next paper which is scheduled on this Saturday. Hoc-chan, Nana-chan, Minorin, please help save this poor soul of mine…


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