Of…Of…Of zzz…..

May 7, 2008

Hey, it’s 8.19am in the morning and I am listening to enka (in case you don’t know what enka is..it’s basically japanese oldies where they sing dragging one note as if there’s no tomorrow)…Whee. I came back to Cyberjaya around 10.30pm yesterday and started to continue doing my group project at 11.30pm. It’s amazing how fast time passes by when you freaking need more time to finish up whatever you’re doing. One random glance at the clock, it’s already 2am. Another glance moments later, it’s already 4.30am. Holy crap.

I literally watched the sun rose at the corner of my eyes. Whee. Somehow, miraculously, I finished up my Java Mobile Game project with my groupmate (damn you Java! I hate j00!) and actually finished writing two reports and editing one more report for my another assignment (which was thrust to me last minute, say around 5.00am?). Now as the clock ticks away mercilessly, I am trying to gather my energy to drag my body to the bathroom and take a cold shower before going to campus. Another long day for me. And oh, Mizuki Nana’s concert DVD due to be released in two more days. Yay.


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  1. awwww.. *hugz*

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