Of INSOMNIA AGAIN~Somehow I want to go Los Angeles~

April 29, 2008

I can’t sleep. AGAIN. Whee. I am tired. I have another midterm in like 5 hours from now and I cannot sleep. And did I mention that it’s already 5.48am now?

So I searched through my hard disk and what do you know? I find pictures that made me more depressing. Ahh the pictures I snapped when I was in Los Angeles. Let me sum up my depressions and wishes (and where I went in US) with a pictorial storyline.

Let’s see…well I am feeling depressed and emo because of assignments. Then I starting to loathe my university for being sucky. Whee. And it didn’t help with the fact that my sister’s university “University of Southern California” (USC) has a cafeteria that looks like this:

While I have to suffer bad repetitive food again and again in my university. Not to mention the fact that her university’s anthem sounds like a very strong war anthem while my university’s sounded like a freaking emo love song. And NO! It definitely didn’t help to see that their lecture halls are at this state:

While my university’s lecture halls are decorated with broken chairs with scribblings everywhere. Now that I am tired, I wished for nothing more but to run to someplace secluded. Like the deserts en route to Las Vegas:

Or perhaps take some random BLURRY pictures of people I don’t know in the airport like I did before in the airport of Taipei:

Maybe all that I need is just some let out. A place for me to scream or act like a total idiot or to find some place where I can jump up as high as I want just like I did in Santa Monica with my cousin brother:

But alas, seems my body is terribly reluctant to do so again …At least not in Malaysia. Ahh, maybe in the end, all I really need is a good rest. An extremely good rest. Where I can sit down and stare at the sky like it’s nobody’s business for the whole day and no one will bother me at all. I wish I can do that. Just like what this pelican did.




    I just couldn’t stop laughing looking ur “jumping” pic. The duck is cute though. Wouldn’t mind if you you stare at the sky while looking cute like ducky ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Stop procrastinating! =P

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