Of Animelo Summer Live 2008 -Challenge-

April 28, 2008

Thank you god for fulfilling my dream. This year’s Animelo Summer Concert’s artist line up is simply awesome and a dream come true for me. The concert will be divided into two days (which I personally don’t know whether or not this is a good idea or not). And these are the artists set to perform on the 30th August 2008 (1st day) (Names in bold are my favorites):



3) Kuribayashi Minami

4) savage genius

5) Tamura Yukari

6) Chihara Minori

7) Mizuki Nana

As for the 31st August 2008 (second day), these are the list of artist that will be performing (Names in bold are my favorites):

1) Chiaki Ishikawa

2) Kurobara Honzonkai

3) Physic Lover

4) JAM Project

5) angela

6) Hirano Aya

7) Momoi Haruko

Personally I enjoy watching ALI PROJECT. Lol, some people might find it weird but I feel that’s the attraction ALI PROJECT brings, so I am definitely looking forward to the ALI PROJECT performance. I just hope they didn’t bring out the team of drag dancers as they did last year again. >.<

Then there’s Chihara Minori and Mizuki Nana. Hmm, what can I say, they are always my favorites. I think I blabbered enough in this blog about my obsession towards them and how I ordered their DVDs despite being poor. So if I say I am not looking forward to watching their performances, that will be the worst and pathetic lie I ever tell in my whole life. I hope Minorin performs the two songs in her singles of Melty Tale Storage. I love the songs. As for Nana-chan, AT LEAST Astrogation and Dancing in the Velvet Moon please.

I am also looking forward to Kuribayashi Minami’s performance. I would say the first day’s artist list looks very promising and they certainly can live up to the hype even without JAM Project performing at the same day.

As for the second day, Kurobara Honzokai is DEFINITELY THE MAIN THING I am looking forward to watch. Horie Yui in a rock band…performing in Animelo. Yes please, I will have one order of that. XD

Though I really wonder what song they will perform. Though I wish for songs like Blue Heaven and Tobenai Tenshi, chances are they will perform Red Signal and Happy Happy Rice Shower ~Black Version~. Ahh whatever, it’s Hoc-chan in Animelo. I am happy enough. Though it makes me wonder what one of the band member will do for his purpose in the band is to just…dance. Yes, dance. Please don’t screw up Hoc-chan’s first appearance in Animelo. Please no. Please.

And then there’s always JAM Project. They are veteran singers. Enough said. Their harmonizing skills are superb. I wonder will they perform Motteke Sailor Fuku…Hmm…that will be…really LOL.

I am also looking forward to Momoi Haruko and her skills on the err..Melodica like..keyboard thing. Yes, I fail as a music student. I don’t know what that thing calls. Anyway, I am just looking forward to watch her do her solo again on that keyboard. Man, she can really perform. Her 2007 Animelo keyboard solo made me go..WOW.

I will also be looking forward to watch Ishikawa Chiaki’s performance. Being a veteran singer, I definitely look forward to some powerful vocal performance. Not sure what song she will perform though.

As for Hirano Aya. Why? Why is she back in? She traumatized me with her punk version of Bouken Desho Desho last year. I hope her on stage performance will improve. And please, don’t scream screech to the crowd. I hope she sings the song Unnamed World. She probably will. Lol.

Well, all in all, with Horie Yui, Mizuki Nana and Chihara Minori in, I have no other wish than to fly to Japan and watch the concert live. But alas, my wallet doesn’t allow me or rather have no capacity to support me to do so. Besides, I will be working for my internship. Sigh, suddenly life looks so sucky.

Now, I just can’t wait for them to announce the DVD release. I will definitely BUY it. Last year’s DVD was selling at 8000 yen. I hope the marketing department workers don’t start a bright idea of selling two sets of DVD for this concert. E.g, Animelo 2008 Day 1 DVD for 8000 yen and Animelo 2008 Day 2 DVD for another 8000 yen. Oh god, at that time I will have to go and rob some random passer-by that I meet. Damn.

*Note: All pictures and banner are taken from http://animelo.jp and are no way affiliated to this blog*



  1. Nana-chan will perform ‘dancing in the velvet moon’. Otherwise I’ll slit my wrists (like she would care :P). Hoping she will release more songs before Animelo, but I’m happy with ‘Soradokei’ too. Minorin will be awesome as usual (‘Shijin no Tabi’ plz), and Kurinoco must sing ‘Next Season’ and ‘Love Jump’.

    Btw, ALIPRO also brought those traps in 2006 so I guess we should learn to accept the pain in our eyes, lol. And it’s not weird to like ALIPRO live, since Arika is one charismatic queen and that’s a fact, lol.

    But hey, you’re not excited about Yukarin? I was almost moved to tears when I saw her name in animelo news.. Nanoha songs medley/duet! Too bad she’s on different day from Hocchan, I’d die happy if they perform again as Yamato Nadeshiko duo..

    Day 2 is equally awesome I think, with Jam Project (too bad Rica quit), and Momoi Halko (’21-seiki’ please. Or surprise me with ‘Gura Gura’~). As for Chiaki-san, I’m 200% sure she will perform ‘Uninstall’, and maybe ‘1/2’. I’m looking forward for angela too, atsuko has a really nice unique voice. Praying for ‘Asu e no Brilliant Road’, but I’m happy with whatever they’ll sing. I’m also hoping for Blue Heaven too for Kurobara Hozonkai.. Hocchan in Animelo is win, couldn’t care less for those old-school Chinese ghosts.

    The only letdown for this year’s Animelo is Makkun separated from Nana-chan/Kurinoco.. while I’ve been dying for their duets again. Last year’s ‘Rinbu Revolution’ was the smexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and 2006’s ‘MASK’ was hawt, too.

    …and yes, most likely they will combine 2006+2007 nightmares into one: 2x 8900yen DVDs. I hope they’ll do it right this time (BRD plz), previous DVDs are a bit disappointing in terms of video quality.

    Sorry for the long rant, nobody around me is as excited as me about Animelo.. T_T

    PS. It’s Psychic Lover (サイキックラバー), not Sidekick, lol. They performed last year too!

  2. Hi! I am agree with you. I hope Jam project and Minori Chihara so much. And yeah! Last year… Aya hirano sucks. She sucks on live… lurn2sing, damn.

    The Halko Momoi instrument is called “Keytar” i think, but i loved her perfomance with Minami Kuribayashi on 2007.

    I hope that Jam Project (my main attractive of the concert) do a better perfomance in 2008. I hope something like animelo 2006. The 2007 was amazing on “Victory”, but very repetitive on “Skill”

    And yes, the Jam Project version of Motteke Sailor Fuku (Jam ga Motekka), would be very very for the lulz.

    BTW, i love Nana Mizuki perfomances too, and i hope so much Yui Horie (omg, i didnt know that she will sing on animelo summer :O).

    BTW, i’m only disagree with you on Ali Project. I hate their Copy-Paste music.

    See you =)

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