Of Chihara Minori 1st Live Tour 2008 -Contact-

April 26, 2008

ZOMG! It’s finally out! After all these while…it’s out! Chihara Minori’s first concert’s DVD! I waited so long to the point I thought Lantis screwed up and totally forgot to record down the concert. And as usual, I hate my random link clicking habit. I was checking my email and received another email from CDjapan updating me what new stuff they have. So I clicked on the mail today..and actually just SCROLLED DOWN to the bottom of the mail…and the last link was…”Minori Chihara 1st Live Tour 2008-Contact- DVD”. Huh? What? It’s out???
My brain went *poof* for like 5 seconds. Then I clicked on the link and rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Then I found out..it’s not my dream. It’s really out for pre-order! The DVD will be officially released on the 25th of June 2008.
The weird thing is I checked Amazon Japan and found nothing regarding this DVD. Hmm..This DVD’s publicity is abit screwed up I guess or Amazon Japan fails big time. The first time I heard about the DVD was actually in…believe it or not, Animelo’s website lol.
I am happy it is out but I don’t see any urgency to pre-order it. There’s no first press edition, no limited edition. Lantis, you’re being too cheap about this. -_-”
Now I hope the DVD cover picture appear soon. For those interested in getting the DVD, you can check it out in CDjapan here. Minorin~~~

Japanese Anime CDJapan


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