Of sucky piano playing and insanity

April 17, 2008

Yeah, I am insane…I think I ate some wrong medication for today..Oh wait.. I FORGOT to take my medicine..no wonder I am insane…Let’s see…I decided to plop my ass in front of the piano..grabbed my L7 Motorola handphone…and recorded a small clip of me banging the piano. Mwhuahahaha..and I uploaded it online…I am going insane LOL….
To get your daily dose of laughter watching how I suck at playing…Feel free to download the clip at

Comments? Bashing? Feel free to do so…I don’t care XD



  1. banging? you call that ‘you’ song banging?
    berriez oh berriez…
    then iunno what would i call when i ‘play’ piano… XD

  2. I like the songs that you play. I don’t know how to play any music instruments :p

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