Of White Voicha, HM3 Specials and Anican

April 5, 2008

Picture 1: hm3 Special February Edition

If you’re looking for magazines that might pictures of your favorite seiyus, chances are…you probably will find them in hm3. Especially if that certain seiyu has just released an album or did a concert recently. hm3 is sure to cover about them. For example, I like Horie Yui (Hoc-chan) and she released her 6th Album entitled “Darling” on 30th of January. Being one of the few top seiyu in Japan, I am not surprised to find her in the cover of the February Issue of hm3. Well once any seiyu is on the cover of hm3, be assured there will be tonnes of high quality photos and a long interview with the seiyu inside that issue of hm3. There will be a poster included too. Although hm3 is slightly more expensive compared to other seiyu magazines, but if you take account of the paper quality and the amount of pictures they include inside, 1470 Yen is not a big price to pay. The March Issue has Tamura Yukari as its cover and there’s around 20+ pages of Yukarin’s picture inside. If you still don’t think HM3 is worth it, well I really don’t know what to say then.

Picture 2: hm3 Special March Issue

Apart from hm3, there’s also I find worth buying which is the “Voicha”. It covers details about seiyus and they also like to promote new faces to the public. Voicha is a ‘mook’ and a mook is basically a book in the size of a magazine. Er, whatever. Go figure, engrish. The whole mook basically contains interviews and interviews and more interviews with usually around 20 seiyus (don’t worry pictures are included). It also has special interviews with anime song singers such as YURIA. They also cover slightly on the gaming topic but mostly the theme songs and such. What’s best about Voicha is that it actually includes a DVD which has a number of seiyus rambling about themselves. It’s a dual layer DVD with 1 hour + of contents inside. What caught my eye is the Tanaka Rie’s session. I am too lazy to tell you what she talked about but here’s screen shots from the DVD during her session. Enjoy.

Picture 3: Tanaka Rie in Voicha

Picture 4: More of Tanaka Rie in Voicha

Picture 5: Upclose of Tanaka Rie

Picture 6: The Cover of The White Voicha

Apart from Voicha and Hm3, there is one last ‘magazine’ that caught my attention; Anican. Honestly I never seen it before and it came out randomly. But the covers are often attractive and the price is EXTREMELY cheap. If an average magazine is sold at around 900-1500 yen, Anican is priced at 250 yen. Yes, 250 yen ONLY (if you don’t count the shipping that is). So happen I have a copy of issue no 9 and when I first saw it I literally laughed my a** off. No wonder it’s so cheap, it’s not a magazine, it’s not a book, it’s not a ‘mook’, it’s a freaking newspaper. Yeap, you heard me alright, (or rather read), it’s a newspaper. It’s a nicely folded newspaper at the size of the old News Straits Time or any random Chinese newspaper you can find in Malaysia. Needless to say the paper quality is BAD. …It’s a newspaper, what do you expect? Glossy papers? But then again, it’s Japanese newspaper we are talking about so the printing is not as bad as Malaysia’s newspaper. The color and all is good but…yeah newspaper. It will be really laughable if someone orders this especially from Amazon Japan. Just this and nothing else and ended up paying like 2100 yen of shipping and at the end of the day, got themselves a nice anime newspaper XD. Order this only if you are already ordering tonnes of stuff and don’t mind adding in a 250 yen for this. Oh wait, amazon Japan charges 300 yen as handling fees for every extra item added. Lol, the shipping is still in somewhere more expensive than that 250 yen newspaper. Anican has very nice cover though. Nice enough to attract people’s curiosity. Damn them.

Picture 7: Nice cover of Anican as seen in Amazon Japan. If only it is a magazine and not a damn newspaper.

Well, that is all I can say about these three magazines. Oh wait, two magazines and one newspaper. There’s tonnes of seiyu magazines circulating around the market so at the end of the day it’s up to oneself to choose which magazine to buy. Then again, buying magazines are extremely costly especially for international shoppers like me because it’s freaking heavy and the shipping fees kill. At the end of the day, wouldn’t it be so much better for us to just save the money and order a concert DVD of the seiyu we love and ogle at the concert in an infinite loop? ^.^


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  1. lol tipah tertipu :p

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