Of nostalgic idiotic moments and insomnia again~~~

April 4, 2008

I hate Fridays, I really do. It’s the day I have to wake up for a 8am games programming lab session followed by a 10am computer networking lab session. I don’t know how I actually survived those classes when I attend them. My brain is 90% thinking of my bed and the other 5% thinking of food and the remaining 5% thinking of random weird stuff that I shouldn’t think of during class. I had a C++ programming session during last week’s computer network lab session and though I took C++ before, I couldn’t even think of what the hell is wrong with the program when it refused to compile properly. Turns out the file extension was wrongly named as file.c and not file.cpp. It’s a very easy and glaring mistake but I couldn’t detect it. All I did was open the file and stare at it with mouth agape. My brain was on a constant mode of “what-the-hell-is-this-that-I-am-looking-at”.

Now I am facing another Friday. I am so reluctant to go to my 8am class. I don’t know why but I just can’t sleep before 4am. I toss and I turn and I think nonsense, I just cannot doze off. And tonnes of random nonsense did my brain conjure up as I try my best to sleep. For starters, I suddenly thought of some random fanfictions I wrote last time. Then I realized I left one story still hanging at chapter 18 or 19 and that story is suppose to be a 40 chapters story. Heh.

Then I remembered that apart from fanfiction, I wrote poems too! (Hey! I sense someone trying to be artistic here). I decided to check back the site where I uploaded my poems and had a good time laughing at the poems I uploaded. I don’t even know how I managed to write some…for they are extremely mushy. Raging pubescent hormone I guess ๐Ÿ˜›

As funny as most of the poems may seem, some of the poems reminds me of certain things I don’t want to be reminded off. Re-reading them makes me a more emo person. But all in all, looking at them really makes me look back and re-evaluate my life. Yes, I am being nostalgic and emo all of a sudden. And yes, it has got something to do with my Foobar playing the song Life’s Like A Boat from Rie Fu as I type down these few sentences. Maybe the lack of sleep I am getting lately is also playing a part of me being emo at 4.30am of a certain Friday. Yes, I should go to bed RIGHT NOW. I can’t even keep my eyes open properly already. Before I leave, here’s something from my collection of “poems”. Enjoy.

The Silent Cry

We cry for peace each and everyday,
Praying till the end we may,
We beg to end this fight,
That has been going on since the last night.

We cry for mercy when we’re threaten,
We cry in joy when we’re forgiven,
We cry in despair when we’d lost,
However, our cry will only last for a night the most.

When we’d lost all our hope,
When we’d found ourselves not manage to cope,
When every truth turned into lie,
Our long long cry would too, be only a silent cry.


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