Of choir competition, nostalgic moments, haunting songs and tired bones.

March 19, 2008

I’m tired. I’m worn out. I’m feeling hungry and I don’t know why. I’m having my midterm break now but time seems to fly by me a bit too fast. It felt so slow during academic days and now I am finally enjoying my break it kinda flew past me. Sigh.

Anyway, I did nothing except visiting my former high school choir team. I was part of them until I graduated. They had a choir competition due yesterday and because of that, I went visiting on both Monday and Tuesday. I love their choices of songs and the variations in the three Soprano, Mezzo and Alto parts. However, the girls were a little bit too soft for their own good. I couldn’t hear properly what they were singing at times. But somehow, they did their best and managed to get 3rd placing behind Ave Maria Convent (tsk), and Sam Tet. At the end of the day, they are a bunch of adorable adolescence girls doing what they enjoyed (singing) with passion. I am proud of you girls (though I scolded you all badly lol).

Now that everything is over, I am worn out and blanked out. Don’t feel like doing anything and the songs that they were singing are now haunting me. Everytime I try to close my eyes and sleep, I hear them singing..in parts too. That’s bad, I didn’t expect the effect of listening to them for two days straights to be this fatal. Hmm…I should really wash my ears with Hoc-chan’s songs.

I should really go back to bed now. Just feel like yapping before resuming my sleep. I fell asleep at 10pm, woke up at 1am and has been lurking inside the internet for no reason. Alright, back to bed. Another busy day ensues.


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  1. pauline, go back for choir but nvr informe me!!*hmmph*

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