Of a dark stormy day, overcrowded places and useless elections.

March 8, 2008

True to my words, I skipped my classes! Yoohoo! Actually I went into a coma state for 7 hours before waking up at 12.30pm. I stuffed all my dirty clothes inside my luggage, threw my Xbox360 into my backpack and by 2pm I was ready to depart back to my hometown. Reached KL Sentral at 3pm and I walked leisurely to the Rapid KL LRT because I went back a few times before at the same time (around 3 something) and the same day (Friday) using the same route (KL Sentral -> Masjid Jamek -> Plaza Rakyat) and all the places will be quite empty. However, that was not the case for this particular Friday.

KL Sentral was alright in terms of the crowd but once I reached Masjid Jamek, it was a different story. As I walked through the usually empty underground passage, I found myself having a hard time navigating through it today because there’s simply too many people inside. It was so crowded I had the urge to just stand there like an idiot and wait for the crowd to push me forward.

The trip from Masjid Jamek to Plaza Rakyat was no better. Crowded and stuffy but the worst had yet to come. I reached puduraya at 3.30pm and I was planning to go and have a quick bite at the food court. However, once I stepped into puduraya, I realized I had to cancel off my plan and head immediately to the bus. Why? Because the stupid bus station was so crowded the whole place felt like a wet market.

People were everywhere and of course a few bunch of idiots decided to stand in the middle of the walking passage and look around as if they were inside some grand shopping mall. Some decided to smoke at the already extremely stuffy place and they will nicely blow out their second hand smoke to everyone around them like it’s nobody’s business. I felt like shouting to them “If you want to die, go kill yourself somewhere further! Don’t drag so many innocent lives with you!”). By that time I was standing at somewhere near platform 13 and I need to force myself through to platform 3. Going through 10 platforms had never felt so tiring before in my whole life. The worst part was trying to get pass platform 10, 9 ,8 and 7. Because that’s where Transnational buses stops at and that’s the bus people usually prefers to ride on. So after so harsh pushing and one kungfu kick I made my way to platform 3 and ultimately to the bus I am supposed to board on.

The journey back was bad too. It rained the whole way and it was a real bad storm. The bus went slower than usual and I arrived at the Simpang Pulai toll around 6.20pm. I thought finally I came back but hehe…fate is never kind to me. There’s actually a massive traffic jam going on in Ipoh. While I was sitting on the bus enduring the traffic jams, I realized one thing. There’s alot of election banners hanging around. Trust me, it was such a horrible eye sore. What’s more humiliating to see was that those banners contained sentences to make fun of other parties. It really gave me the feeling that our general election is nothing more than some kid’s play.. It’s like one kid fought with another kid and they decided to bad mouth each other in order to gain adult’s favors. Besides, with so many phantom voters circulating around, how sure are we that this 12th General Election of Malaysia will really be a fair and most importantly ‘bersih’ one?

Let me just clarify that I personally do not support any of the parties. However I am extremely pissed with the hypocrites giving empty promises when they realized that the election day is approaching. Be a man and fulfill your promises for once at least god damn it. It’s officially Saturday 8th of March 2008 now. In less than 9 hours time, the 12th General Election of Malaysia will officially begin. Will Malaysians finally get what they wanted? Will the so called Justice prevails? The results? 30+ more hours and counting. Till then, happy voting Malaysians. I wonder will we get a public holiday again if one certain party wins big? Heh.


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