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Of a dark stormy day, overcrowded places and useless elections.

March 8, 2008

True to my words, I skipped my classes! Yoohoo! Actually I went into a coma state for 7 hours before waking up at 12.30pm. I stuffed all my dirty clothes inside my luggage, threw my Xbox360 into my backpack and by 2pm I was ready to depart back to my hometown. Reached KL Sentral at 3pm and I walked leisurely to the Rapid KL LRT because I went back a few times before at the same time (around 3 something) and the same day (Friday) using the same route (KL Sentral -> Masjid Jamek -> Plaza Rakyat) and all the places will be quite empty. However, that was not the case for this particular Friday.
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