Of broken promises, broken backbone, broken plastics and broken track record

March 7, 2008

Yeah, my cousin didn’t visit me after all. Thank you for giving me a 4 hours sudden panic and thank you for making me not sleeping properly due to fear that I might not hear my cell phone ringing and you will be stranded in the university. Oh and also thank you for making me actually clean up my room after all these while. Now my room looks like a room again. So am I angry at her? Nah…come on…cousins don’t get angry at each other…At least I don’t. Am I pissed? EXTREMELY. Could have called and tell me that the whole plan was cancel and let me sleep in peace right? But no. (I’m going to leave that sentence there because if I continue that sentence, I’m gonna throw in lots of crabs and fish and not so nice stuff inside). Oh, I still love you as my cousin. I think.

Anyway, I overslept. Woke up at 2.30pm (my class was at 2.00pm) and also at the wrong side of the bed. My backbone felt as if someone played rope skipping on it. Was in quite a foul mood when I woke up knowing the fact that I missed my class…AGAIN. Well, luckily those foul feelings went away very soon because my friends decided to bunk in and set up two different consoles in my living room. All of a sudden, my empty living room became a mini arcade ground. We had a Nintendo Wii and a PS2 running at the same time. Played Smash Brawl for a while before Cholic came in and joined in the fun. Then, we started tearing down the whole apartment because we decided to play Singstar on the PS2. With two microphones connected, the tv’s audio volume raised up to a high level, and two amateur singers eager to try their skills out…I’m surprised no guard actually came banging at our door. Hmm….were we actually good??? Lol.

Went out for dinner at around 8pm, and came back around 9.30pm. We continued singing (yes we are somewhat addicted to that game) until around 10.30pm when two other friends decided to join in. Oh boy, how we tortured them with our wailing and stuff. And yes, watching Kurogane sing was indeed extremely entertaining. He tried his best. Applause please.

After ending the gaming session, we went for a late night supper at the nearest mamak stall (None of us has a car so…hooray…we walked and we couldn’t go far). Chatted until 3 something in the morning. Then I realized I have a class at 8am on friday, followed by a computer network lab session at 10am till 12pm. I reached home at 4 am and my eye lids are getting heavier and heavier any minute now. Now waking up at 7.30am and dragging myself to my 8am class sounds like an extremely impossible feat to achieve right now. I am soooo gonna break my skipping class record. Argh screw those classes, I am just going to tell them I am going back to hometown to be a good citizen and vote for the goddamn election woohoo! Finally, I see some use in the general election XD.

*Townberry clicks play on her foobar. Woohoo! Hoc-chan’s song Zutto plays!*

Hmm..okay I should really go to bed now…And yeah, I did no laundry at all today so…gomen-ne okaasan. I’m going to trouble/traumatize/piss you off/make your blood pressure go higher by bringing that pile of dirty clothes back to Ipoh. Now suddenly, I am not so sure I will be welcomed back to home anymore…Well, screw everything. I’m gonna sleep now and worry about any other random things later. Till then, please continue SUPPORTING HOC-CHAN!!! (Okay, lol that was really random…see what lack of sleep can make me do?).

Currently Listening to: Zutto – Horie Yui
Currently Planning to: Making myself sick so that I can get a medical leave for my friday classes


One comment

  1. I’m not gonna forget what happened tonight. Man, I never thought I’d actually see it happen. The leg of the chair actually bended. Shiieeet.

    Every Thursday, I’ll come lurk at your place. Set!

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