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Of broken promises, broken backbone, broken plastics and broken track record

March 7, 2008

Yeah, my cousin didn’t visit me after all. Thank you for giving me a 4 hours sudden panic and thank you for making me not sleeping properly due to fear that I might not hear my cell phone ringing and you will be stranded in the university. Oh and also thank you for making me actually clean up my room after all these while. Now my room looks like a room again. So am I angry at her? Nah…come on…cousins don’t get angry at each other…At least I don’t. Am I pissed? EXTREMELY. Could have called and tell me that the whole plan was cancel and let me sleep in peace right? But no. (I’m going to leave that sentence there because if I continue that sentence, I’m gonna throw in lots of crabs and fish and not so nice stuff inside). Oh, I still love you as my cousin. I think.
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