Of screwed up midterm, piled up laundry and cleaning the room in wee hours

March 6, 2008

It’s currently 4am and I don’t even know why I am still not sleeping…As I listen to some random songs playing from foobar…(let’s see..currently playing is “Pureness- Character Song for Primula, Character Voice: Hitomi, from the album Shuffle! Memories Character Song Album). Probably some of you are already saying what the f*** who listens to Shuffle! character song? Well, I am too tired to even navigate my mouse and hit forward to skip this album. All I can do now is type…yeah, 12 inches laptop rocks for this kind of moment. I don’t even have to move my fingers much. The keyboard is so small (it’s half the size of your daily normal keyboard) that I can press TAB to the letter P with one single hand.

Did nothing much again as usual. Well apart from being stressed for my midterm paper. Stupid computer networks…it made me for one second hated the internet. Studied for a few days but at the end of the day, I still screwed up the paper bad. I was literally writing down random numbers and binaries on the paper. Who knows if the lecturer stares at the paper long enough, suddenly the random binaries I wrote might sound just like an answer after all…yeah…

Went for my club’s (Emina Cyberjaya) weekly anime screening after the exam. I then went for a late dinner with my friends. Came back around 12.30am. Needless to say, I was beat. I looked at my extremely messy room and was thinking “Oh what the hell. I’m gonna clean it when I wake up probably 8 hours later.” I should had just take a bath and went to bed. But nooooo, I MUST check my messengers. Then I found out my cousin wanted to come visiting…in like 9 hours time. Oh shi…Part of me was extremely delighted because I haven’t meet her for a long time. Part of me was literally shouting May Day! May Day! My room was literally like an aftermath of World War 2. Clothes scattered everywhere, bags here and there and…why is my drum sticks inside the toilet? Therefore I was left with no choice but to clean up my bloody dirty room like…immediately. So at 1am, my neighbor must be cursing at me. I don’t blame them. You don’t see people vacuuming the floor at 1am everyday. By 2am, I already gathered all my dirty clothes and then I realized something quite disturbing. I simply had too many dirty clothes inside my laundry pail already. I don’t think I can bring all of them back for my mom to wash. Then again, even if I manage to bring all of them back, my mom will probably kill me. So yeah, I will just have to wash all those myself…sigh. By 2.45am, I was squatting and scrubbing my toilet tiles. Damn spiders! Stop creating your bloody love nests inside my toilet! After washing the toilet, I took a bath and by the time my room looked like a room again, it’s already 3.30am.

Tired as hell I am. My bones feel like it’s going to break anytime soon. Hell I can’t even bend to wear my PJs. So why am I not sleeping? Don’t ask me. I’m supposed to meet my cousin in probably 4 hours time. Hahaha I hope I CAN HEAR my phone rings when she calls me to pick her up. I should really stop writing and go to bed already. The Shuffle! Character song is making me sleepier and sleepier….*Clicks. Townberry finally pressed forward and random some other song*

Oooh, Secret Ambition from Mizuki Nana. Okay, I should stop singing and go to bed. Well, until next time. And before I go, here’s some random words from me to you; ” Hell yeah! I took a picture together with Morita Masakazu and gotten his autograph too in GACC!”. While you’re cursing me at those randomly spilled words, I bid you good night. ^.^


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  1. lol see u later~

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