Of an entertaining seiyu, sleepless night, long queue and squealings.

March 3, 2008

Just came back from GACC 2008. I am tired as hell right now. In fact I don’t feel like writing much. But yep, I saw the seiyu Morita Masakazu. In fact, I got a one-to-one picture with him on the night before the event XD. He gave the committees a surprise visit on early Saturday morning…(as in 12.30am) after he reached Melaka from KLIA, and I got to say (though I ain’t any Bleach fan), he is a very outgoing, cool and entertaining guy. He warmed up to everyone so quickly and he even gave words of encouragement for those preparing for the event. Respect him for that. Anyway, I too didn’t catch a wink on the saturday morning because I was also helping out preparing for the event…ended up helping from 11pm to like 5am. Slept a while from 8am to 9.40am then it’s off to the venue again. Oh, special thanks to Christine, Li Sa and Loo Mun for letting me bunk in their house last minute. I would be sleeping in the drain if not because of their kindness so thank you!

Anyway, first day of GACC kicked off rather smoothly. Watched the opening video (my name’s inside yay! Lol) saw the band performed and the usual stuff. I stalked a group of cosplayers for a while though cause there’s a gothic lolita girl inside XD. Apart from that nothing much…spent another RM100 buying Lucky Star set, *ka ching*, partially watched the group cosplayers competition whilst taking care of my XBOX360 and tried stalking a cool female guitarist from a rock band but failed. After the event ended for the first day, I went to dinner with Cholic. Ate curry mee at Cahaya Dinar. Never knew they had such a nice and cheap curry mee. Hmm…Then we went for supper with the Emina Cyberjaya people…in less than 1 hour after our dinner. Lol. Went to bed at 4.30am and woke up at 11.40am. Oh shit, I’m late for the second day of GACC! Pfttt….

Arrived at around 1pm and already the single cosplaying competition had already begun. So sat down near my XBOX360 and watched the competition whilst waiting for the arrival of the seiyu. He arrived at 2pm admist the squealing and shouting from his fans. There were a interview session with him until around 3pm. Then the fun begins. The autograph session started. I lined up too, stuck in between of his hardcore fans. Finally around 3.45pm I got his signature…all dedicated to me lol. Then I walked around again, avoiding the constantly squealing crowd…checking out some cosplayers. He left at around 5pm and the crowd finally calmed down. GACC continued with a Lucky Star cheerleading dance. Quite nice apart from some little mistakes here and there (coordination problems mostly). Though I got to say, few of the cheerleaders might look better if they smile more (particularly the ones in front). Then I totally skipped the event, cause I was feeling extremely hungry. I realized I didn’t eat the whole day. So out of the hall I went. Ordered 3 boxes of takoyaki and waited 45 minutes for those 3 boxes. Yes, the takoyaki people are making tonnes of businesses. So by the time I ate the takoyaki GACC was reaching to an end. So went in for the closing ceremony and packed up my XBOX360. After being battered for two days by random people, my XBOX360 finally got to go home. Arrived back at my apartment around 10.30pm and until now I am lying down on my comfortable mattress typing this out. I had learned to appreciate my mattress, pillows and bolster more. Going to bed soon. Wanted to upload more pictures, but I simply had no energy to do so. So please be content with the two pictures I uploaded. Ciao.

Picture 1: Morita-san and I

Picture 2: The ever friendly Morita-san posing for Cholic’s camera



  1. he have a nice smile :))

  2. My ex-classmate is trying to kill me now because I got a picture with him…. =.=”

  3. Damn, Morita is stylish. Nikki dah jatuh hati kat dia la tu…. XD

  4. Who’s this. Takl pernah dengar… Rasa macam katak bawah tempurung.

  5. he is so…..adorable, friendly, cute, kakkoii and dork ever XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i went to GACC this year on 2nd day just to see him LOL

    darn…you are so lucky to have a pic with him TT________TT

  6. omg lucky u to get a shot with him!

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