Of a bittersweet concert, para para dance, nosebleeding moments and birthday surprises

February 26, 2008

I had just finished watching Aice5 “Final Party Last Aice5” Live in Yokohama concert DVD for a milestone of 10th times ever since it arrived to me last monday. The concert was held in Yokohoma arena on the 20th September 2007. The DVD was officially released on 14th February 2008 and I pre-ordered it immediately once I saw it ready for pre-orders. Heh, I find the date extremely ironic. One year ago, they released their first ever album on the same day and one year later they released their final concert DVD. I hate the fella who did all the marketing for them.

Aice5 was basically a group of 5 voice actresses coming in together and start out as singers. It comprised of Horie Yui, Akemi Kanda, Asano Masumi, Takahashi Chiaki and Kimura Madoka. They started out two years ago and I got to admit that when I first supported this group, I supported it because there’s Hoc-chan inside as the leader of this group. However, it didn’t take me long to adore and support the other four members of the group. They are extremely funny together and their songs are surprisingly good and heartfelt. On 14th February 2007 they released their first ever album called “Love Aice5”. Inside this album, every member of the group became lyricists and a total of 5 songs came out as the result of their creativity. Year 2007 Valentine’s day was extremely sweet for me because they finally released their first album after coming out with 3 singles (Get Back, Believe My Love, Love Power). I thought they will last…how wrong I was. Two to three months later, they announced that they will be officially splitting on the 20th September 2007. That day itself, they will hold their final concert and that day is also the birthday for Hoc-chan. Damn, as I said, I hate the person who planned all this release date marketing thing.

Anyway, back to the concert. It is a very good concert. I have to say this again and again. They sang like professional singers (not like wannabe singers) and I totally forgot that they are originally voice actresses. No single moment of the concert was boring. Hell, even the MC part was extremely hilarious. The second MC part was extremely memorable because they gave a surprise birthday celebration for Hoc-chan. They forced her to close her eyes as they prepare for the surprise and she looked extremely cute as she waited eagerly with her eyes closed. Then again, I might be extremely bias on this matter because I am EXTREMELY obsessed with Hoc-chan. La di da. Akemi Kanda was very funny too because she kept on wanting to eat the cake and she actually kinda chased the cake when it was pushed away from the stage. I took some screenshots but don’t expect them to be very good because I am too distracted with watching the concert than to bother about the quality of the screenshots. Lol. Be warned though, there’s quite a number of pictures and it can be a nightmare if you’re using dial-up lol.

Picture 1: This is where the second MC started and Masumin (in green) mentioned about Hoc-chan’s birthday

Picture 2: This is where they asked Hoc-chan to close her eyes and wait for her surprise. Madoka worked hard to make sure Hoc-chan didn’t take a peep. XD

Picture 3: Chiaki, Kanchi and Masumin made sure the crowd were prepared for Hoc-chan’s surprise.

Picture 4: Everything was set. It’s time to lead Hoc-chan to the front of the stage. I won’t tell you what’s the surprise was. You have to find out about it yourself ^.^

Picture 5: Chiaki restraining a crying Kanchi from chasing the cake ^.^. Seriously, Kanchi wanted to eat the cake badly.

After the birthday party, the concert continued with songs like Love Power, Yuujou Monogatari,and Five Arrows just to name a few. Their costumes/clothings had many varieties but two of them especially caught my eyes and even until now I cannot seem to forget about it. First up was their nosebleed inducing arabian styled clothing. They performed “I Believe My Love – Trance version” and “Brand New Day” with that clothing. When I first saw how the clothing looked like my jaw dropped and I couldn’t avert my gaze from them. I took two screenshots of them. You be the judge yourself.

Picture 6: During the ending of “I Believe My Love”

Picture 7: During the starting of “Brand New Day”

And as if those were not enough to make me nosebleed until I die, they continued the concert with the song “Love Power- Para Para version”. It’s been so very long since I last saw anyone dancing para para …after watching the concert, I couldn’t stop dancing myself. Damn. Donned in kimonos, they came on stage and danced para para with the audiences. Aice5 + kimono + para para + Love power = The death of Townberry due to excessive nosebleeding. I had a hard time restraining myself from squealing Kya~~~ when I first watched the concert. I had to bite my tongue from screaming when they started performing “Five Arrows” and Yuujou Monogatari…also in the kimonos. God, if there’s any concert that possess the power to kill me, this would be the perfect choice.

Picture 8: Hoc-chan performing Love Power while dancing Para Para…Ok, that’s it…Kyaaaaaaaa!!!!

Picture 9: Chiaki with the purple color kimono..yummy

Picture 10: Madoka looking good in yellow ^.^

Picture 11: The ever active Kanchi in red

Picture 12: Last but not least, the green pheromone Asano Masumi. Lol.

They also did mini sketches (as mentioned above) with cartoony characters portraying themselves. I wonder if they got the team in charge of the anime “Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru” to draw them out cause they look awfully similar. Here’s the proof.

Picture 13: Don’t they just look like characters from Otoboku?

That mini sketch is one of the most hilarious concert interval sketch I’d ever seen. Especially when they start defining each other according to their group name AICE. I laughed hard especially at how they defined Chiaki…and Hoc-chan too, can be extremely scary and traumatizing at times. LOL.

The concert took a more serious turn after the sketch. They started to perform tears inducing songs like “Letter” and “Smile”. The ending of the concert was extremely bittersweet. Bitter in the sense of, there would not be anymore AICE5. Sweet in the sense of, at the end of the day, fans of AICE5 love and supported all the members equally. They had accomplished a lot compared to other seiyu groups. They stole their fans heart away and at the end of the day, you couldn’t help but to wish there’s more of AICE5. I am very sure that all other AICE5 fans too, feel the same way as I do. All good things must come to an end and the fairy tale of AICE5 ended. I am quite certain they won’t come back together again but deep down inside, I secretly wish they do. I will continue wishing and hopefully one day, my wish will eventually come true. Till then, I wish all the members of AICE5 job well done. I wish them success and I will always support each and every members of the team. Gokurousama deshita.



  1. Hey Townberry,

    Didn’t know you blog too! haha…anyway, add me to the link k…How ru anyway? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Since AICE5 was brought together by the seiyuus of Otoboku, I was actually surprised it lasted this long. Great talent together one last time. ^_^

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