Of Hidden Pictures, Memories and Cosplay Cafe

February 21, 2008

Honestly, 5 minutes ago, I was scratching my head hard trying to make all my routers and PCs ping each other in a packet tracer simulation. I was being very good and try to finish up my lab assignments and needed by tomorrow. I was also at the same time writing a proposal for my Games Programming II group project. While I was finding high and low for a MMU logo picture lodged somewhere inside my hard disk, I found some pictures that I had totally forgotten about. Those pictures were taken by my cousin when I went to visit him with my grandmom (more like I had to escort my grandmom there) in Singapore. All those pictures are taken on 8th of April 2007. That’s nearly a year already…time really flies. But I had a great time that night because one of my friend who are currently still studying in Singapore met up with me and together with my cousin brother, we went to have a late dinner in a cosplay cafe. Lol. Apparently I told my cousin brother I am interested in anime and he insisted that I should go to the cafe. Oh well, since he’s treating, who am I to complain?

We took a cab and went to the Cosplay Cafe around 10pm. It is located inside the Chjimes and personally I feel the atmosphere in Chjimes during the night time is very calming and somewhat magical. Especially if you look at the church located in the middle of the square. After snapping photos with my friend, Magdalene around the square, we headed to the cosplay cafe. The official name for that cafe is Coscafe. Personally, I was a little disappointed considering they never greeted us with greetings like Irasshaimase, goshuujin-sama or Okairinasai goshuujin-sama. Instead they gave me a polite smile and said welcome. Cheh. Well we sat down and ordered some food. I got to say, that shop is definitely one of those shop you will want to walk in unless your wallet is really loaded and you have no where else to spend the money to. A plate of food can easily cost up to $20 minimum. So I ordered a prawn aglio olio and shared it with my friend. My cousin brother ordered something for himself too. He’s paying anyway lol. Here’s a picture of me and my friend walking around the Chjimes

As I waited for my food, I scanned around the surroundings. It is actually a considerably small cafe. We chose to sat inside (because I wanted some air conditioning; not sitting outside and hoping some wind will blow my way). There is a upright acoustic piano at one corner of the shop. If you’re thinking someone will perform some anime themes on the piano, you’re wrong. Instead they just put some random stuff like posters of Ichigo Mashimaro, and some Shana stuff on top of the piano to make it look anime-ish. The person who owns the shop must have really “watched” anime.

The food came and it was quite alright. Nothing to shout about. The serving size was alright, the ingredients were alright…as I said everything was just …alright. Took a snapshot of the food. You be the judge yourself.

And here’s me enjoying the food….^.^

We sat around chatting, just killing some time and enjoying each others company. We decided to leave just as the clock was about to tick to midnight. But then again, of course, what’s the point of going to a cosplay cafe if you never take any pictures with those french maid waitress? So we snap a couple of photos, say thank you, paid the bill (which totalled up to nearly $100. Choke) and left by taxi again. It was a short but sweet outing. Sure nothing much happened. I didn’t nosebleed randomly nor did I choked someone because they said they don’t know who Horie Yui is. But then again, sometimes, simple things like a dinner, random conversations can be very enjoyable indeed.

I don’t know why I am suddenly getting all so sentimental. Maybe it’s because I’m looping Byousoku 5cm’s theme song One more time, one more chance ~piano solo version. Maybe it’s because I miss my friend dearly. Maybe it’s simply because I am too lazy to continue my assignments and this seems to be an alternative way to relieve stress. Whatever it is, I simply have the urge to look at those pictures and post them up. That’s all. Last but not least, a picture with the meido-san.

P.S: It’s scary how that smiley fits perfectly onto my face. I’m getting too round for my own good. >.<

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