Of Dead Fish, Fish tank, Skipped classes and back bone pain

February 21, 2008

Four out of nine fish I got yesterday went RIP on me. They didn’t manage to survive until Cholic bought and brought back the necessary equipments to keep them alive. Sad, but there’s nothing I can do. Oh well, at least there’s five more left. Then Cholic bought me another two fish to make the total tally to seven. Then during my club meeting around 8pm in the evening I realized that there’s still lots of not scooped fish swimming in a very contaminated aquarium. So I approached my friend who was also a working committee for the event and bought another three fish bringing my fish tally now to ten. I couldn’t buy anymore than ten or else all my fish will suffocate in the not-so-big tank I currently have. So here’s some pictures of my gold carp (apparently they are not gold fish according to the labels in Pets Wonderland in Midvalley) fish. The lighter skin ones are the ones Cholic bought for me.

Now equipped with a plastic tank, an oxygen pump which is also a filter, anti chlorine solutions for the water and adequate light (which in total excluding the light, bloody cost me RM45.10), my fish are happily swimming around in the tank placed on top of my room’s desk. Special thanks to Cholic once again for making all that possible XD.

Apart from being obsessed suddenly to the idea of taking care of gold/carp/whatever-you-want-to-call-it fish, I did absolutely nothing on Wednesday. True to my words of planning to skip classes, I skipped three class from 9am to 2pm. More like I slept through all three classes. I forgot to set my alarm and so without alarm, I am hopeless. Well, at least I managed to attend my 4-6pm class which was extremely boring. Then I lingered around the campus not really wanting to walk back because I had a drum class at 7.30pm. So around 6.30pm I went for dinner with Cholic at the cafeteria in HB3. That’s when she brought the gold fish down; all swimming comfortably in a clean plastic tank by then rather than suffocating within a random container filled with their own excrements. Then we went for the club meeting at 7.30pm. Nothing much happen after that. After the meeting, I brought my fish back together with all the equipments and stuff. Thank you Ce-Yi for helping me carry the pumps, fish food and etc back to my apartment. I was practically dying already carrying the fish filled tank back with my sling bag weighing heavily on my left shoulder. What’s worse, my back bone pain started while on I was on the way back with from campus. I have been suffering from random back bone pain attack ever since I fell down and hit my back hard on the cement floor back then in 2001. The worst part would be whilst reaching the apartment, one of the fish decided to SQUIRT water on to my face. I didn’t knew gold/carp/whatever fish can actually squirt water that high up. I was shock, pissed and amused at the same time. Once I reached my room, I quickly set up the oxygen pump and feed the gold fish with some made in japan fish pellets. How come my fish get to eat imported food while I am eating crap food in Cyberjaya myself? Sigh. Now as the oxygen pump makes a not-so-soft rumbling sound and the fish happily dancing away as I listen to Hoc-chan’s “Zutto”, my eyes are starting to feel itchy. It’s time for me to get my beauty sleep. I have a presentation at 9am tomorrow and hopefully I will wake up and make it to the class in time. Or else I’m screwed.

Currently listening to: Zutto – Horie Yui
Currently planning to: Look at my gold fish till I fall asleep



  1. How come they look cuter in the photos?

    BTW, you write a lot. Call yourself a non-blogger? =_=

  2. Hmm…those pictures are taken by Cholic, the expert photographer lol…obviously if I take pictures of my fish they will look fugly.
    As for why I write a lot…yes I’m a non-blogger, but I was a fanfiction author XD

  3. Non-blogger? o.0 *looks at the loooooong post* Fuiyo.

  4. Oh gosh. The fish are so adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

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