Of Hoc-chan, Wii, Gold Fish, Mini Bon Odori, torn tissues and remembrance

February 20, 2008

First of all, before I start talking crap, I would like to convey a moment of silence for the passing of one of my most endeared actress of all time, Lydia Shum Din Ha. She passed away on 19 February 2008 at 8.38am. The cause of her death was liver cancer. She will be dearly missed, as an inspiration and someone who brought many laughter into my childhood life through all her shows.

Alright, back to my whining. I woke up today at around 8.30am and went to class as usual at 9am. Had some random attack of stomach aches during my 11am class and I still don’t know why the attack happened. Feeling sickly I decided to skip my 2pm Ethics and Professionals class. I went back to my apartment at around 1pm and miraculously, the pain went away. Hmm, must be my inner self reacting against the idea of attending the Ethics class. Feeling all so better I had decided to go down to Low Yat Plaza in KL with my friend Kur0gane to check on the latest prices for the Nintendo Wii. We arrived at Low Yat at approximately 3.30pm and we went around checking the prices. Then we went to Sungai Wang and there was where the fun begins. We asked literally every shop that sells Wii and the prices are so random I found it extremely amusing. The difference in prices can go up to RM300. For example, I enquired about the price of a single Wii-mote and I get a price ranging from RM130 to RM200. 70 bucks difference is not THAT little you know. Anyway after walking around surveying the prices and calling my Ipoh friend (who happened to be a console technician himself), I had decided to grab a Wii console from a certain shop which I believe gave me the best price in that area. Besides, the sales girl was extremely friendly and surprisingly very knowledgeable about the console. So, for an undisclosed price, I bought myself a Wii.; just like that. Even I, myself am still processing the fact that I just splashed out all my money again, despite what I said about being thrifty in my first post. But here’s a thing, I am NOT in any way, a rich person, and so basically I am penniless right now. I think I was left with around RM20~30 with my wallet after buying Wii. Thank god, I had purchased a return ticket to Cyberjaya earlier, or else it will be painful to see my last few pieces of green notes dwindle down the ticketing machine. Kurogane carried the console back for me, so yeah, I’m really grateful for his help. I am simply too lazy to carry it back to Cyberjaya myself. And oh, I named my Wii as Ho-Wii-e, after my all time favorite and most beloved seiyu Horie Yui. If you think the name is lame, well screw you, it’s my Wii.

Anyway, we got back to Cyberjaya at around 7pm, and we tested out Super Swing Golf Series 2 (in case you don’t know what it is, it’s Albatross18/Pangya in console mode). Then we played Wii sports, until around 8.45pm. I had a group project meeting at 9pm in the university and at the same time Kurogane was registered to enter an onigiri eating competition for the mini bon odori. So back to the university we go. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived there the eating competition started so poor Kurogane missed out his chance. While he lingered at the bon odori, I reluctantly went for my group meeting. After less than 10 minutes into the discussion, I executed my ninja skills and disappear from my group meeting and back to the bon odori I go. Lol. I mean come on, it’s not possible for me to discuss stuff when there’s a mini festival going on in like less than 15 metres from my location. So, I went to the bon odori, chatted with few of my friends who are also committee members of the event. Then I met up with Cholic, Silencers and ArrowHead. Turns out Silencers won the onigiri eating competition and gotten himself a nice hamper. I tried stealing it away but to no avail. Then Kurogane joined us and Cholic, Kurogane and I sat down and watched some shows organized by the Japan Club. I managed to molest Cholic’s camera and had fun stalking people through zooming in and out the camera lens lol. The first show that we saw was a bunch of Japanese oba-sans dancing some folk dance and I got to say, I was extremely impressed and moved by the passion they put into their dance. I totally enjoyed the heart lightening show. Next was…err…what was it…..oh yeah the umbrella dance. Also by the members of Japan Club, four lovely Japanese ladies dressed in yukata came and danced a magnificent dance. Though I got to say, I am extremely distracted by the umbrellas. When they twirl it, it was as if I was sucked into looking at the umbrellas and nothing else. Kinda scary but all in all I enjoyed the show.

After the show, I decided to linger around the food stalls looking for something to stuff my mouth. Whilst hunting for food, I discovered that the Bon Odori committee started a gold fish scooping game. It was RM1 for two tries and I decided to try my luck on it. I was given a rectangle scoop but without a net. They removed the net and manually staplered one ply of tissue to each of the scoop. I got to say, I enjoyed but at the same time regret playing it. First of all, they never really prepared the scoop beforehand so I got to wait like 2 minutes after every scoop for them to hand me a new scoop. Second, I was extremely addicted to the game. Third, I don’t know why, but I found myself to be quite good in the game and it was a bad news.

I never wanted to keep any gold fish initially. Heck, I did not even expect myself to win any in the first place. I paid RM2 for four tries initially and out of the four tries I managed to catch two gold fish. Then Cholic encouraged me to take more. So I paid another RM2 and this time I got three gold fish. By then I was already naming the five fish as Aice5. Then god knows why, I listened to Cholic again and was convinced that getting seven gold fish brings luck. Lucky seven she said. So I paid another RM2 and waited for my turn patiently as three malay girls took their turns to try and scoop up a gold fish. When it was back to my turn, I casually scoop around and somehow, I got 2 gold fish in my first and second try. I still had my two more tries but by then, they had ran out of tissues and decided to close for the day. I asked whether I can continue scooping for fun with my already wet tissue covered scoop and they gave me the green light. So I scooped for the 3rd time during that play feeling very convinced my tissue will tear and my game will end. 10 seconds later, I scooped up my eighth gold fish. Bad news. But I have always been a believer of the saying “All good things must come to an end”, so I used my already wet and slightly torn tissue scoop to scoop for one final time, just for the heck of it….well I paid for four attempts. Meet Mochi, my ninth gold fish. I am quite sure by now all the committee members will loathe my presence near their gold fish scooping booth. The festival lasts till 2oth of February 2008. Hmm, maybe I should go again and save all the gold fish lol.

Anyway, with nine gold fish in hand, I was really in lost in what to do. I don’t have any fish bowl nor do I have any fish pellets or anti-chlorine solutions in my apartment. So, I decided to lodge my nine gold fish to the care of Cholic XD. Currently, as I am typing random words down this blog, my fish are safely swimming in a container provided by Cholic somewhere inside her hostel room lol. And oh, apparently my gold fish shit alot. I really LOL’ed when Cholic told me that through a SMS. Hopefully by Wednesday night, I will get to bring my nine gold fish back to my apartment. Cholic’s going to help me get the appropriate equipments and food suply for my fish. Thank you Cholic. My lovely lesbian partner. Lol, just joking.

Well all in all, a lot happened during the short span of a hot summer-ish (it’s forever summer in Malaysia) Tuesday. From buying a Wii to scooping out nine gold fish. Needless to say I am extremely tired by now, but I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I shall skip my classes for today just for the heck of it lol. I shall cramp myself in my room alternating between playing my drum set and abusing my Wii. I need a break from the “stressful” campus life lol. Hopefully, I will be motivated enough to attend back my classes on Thursday :P.

Currently listening to: Nothing…too tired to even run my foobar
Currently planning to: Skip all my bloody classes for the day


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