Of a lame ending, overspending, and an unhealthy obsession towards someone

February 18, 2008

It took me until today to realize that Friendster’s blog site is LAME and of course, being one of its user, I am also, therefore, found guilty and can be officially labeled as LAME. Hell, I don’t even know why I start writing in it in the first place. Oh, wait, it is because back then I was stuck in Melaka, with a LAME internet connection in a LAME apartment and leading a LAME life. Heck, I was only hours away from my moral final exam paper when I started my first post in my friendster’s blog back then. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof. Oh, well the damage has been done so no use lamenting bout it now (though I just did from the first word I typed on this post). I shall take this chance to say farewell to my friendster blog site. Goodbye, sayonara, adios, you shall be not-so-dearly missed.

Anyway, back to the present. I’m starting another lame blog simply because I have nothing to do and I enjoy whining for no reason. Sue me. I’m too lazy to do anything right now except things I like (which sadly excludes studying, revising, doing assignments and trying for once to improve my CGPA). Besides, I am too pre-occupied to do those “unimportant” stuffs anyway. For the past weeks I had simply spent too much. Loving music, learning new instruments and being obsessed to voice actresses proved to be a killer/perfect combination to bomb a bloody big hole in one’s wallet. Hell, I don’t think I even have a wallet now; it is totally destroyed. Oh, yes if you have not yet to know, I am an avid fan of certain voice actresses particularly with Horie Yui, and Mizuki Nana. To make matters worse, I am beginning to like songs sung by Chihara Minori. Long live my obsessions.

Maybe I should stop being so obsessed for at least two months. I had simply bombed my way out of my monthly budget. As I mentioned above, loving music, learning new instruments and being obsessed to voice actresses proved to be a killer/perfect combination to bomb a bloody big hole in one’s wallet. I have been learning how to play drum for around a year now and suddenly one morning when I woke up, I decided that I need a drum set of my own if I were to practice my skills. At the same morning, I woke up realizing that I need to order HM3 seiyu magazines because it has an exclusive interview with Hoc-chan (Horie Yui). Also at the same morning, I woke up realizing, hell, since I am ordering the magazine, I might as well get a copy of Mizuki Nana’s Limited Edition Starcamp ED single. So at that one morning, I bombed away around RM 1700 for all my realizations.

As of today, I am RM1700 poorer, and still in fact, owe my sister around…erm….let’s see…

1) AICE5 Final Tour DVD + shipping – RM 180

2) Horie Yui Limited Edition “Darling” + shipping – RM 100

3) Xbox360 wireless controller – RM 140

4) Lucy, an autobiography by Lucille Ball – RM 32

So….let me just grab a calculator…and the total will be…RM 452. Ha ha ha. I’m never going to let my sister know the existence of this blog.

Well, back to the “brighter” side, I totally love all the stuffs I had bought. Hoc-chan’s album “Darling” is superb and I am currently looping the song “Zutto”. Aice5 final concert DVD is a must get for all Aice5 fans because…it’s their final concert before they officially split up. Duh. The HM3 magazine gave me nice posters of Hoc-chan, Nana-chan and Minorin. Three in one and I don’t think I can ask for more. As for Nana-chan’s Starcamp ED single, though there’s something wrong with the music (seriously, your ears hurt when you listen to it a few times using earphones), the cover picture is nice enough for me to order it XD. Scrape that, that’s just a lame reason from admitting that I am simply too obsessed with Mizuki Nana. I need the Xbox controller to co play Lego Star Wars with my sister so, yeah, I am totally buying it for her sake (though she is the one to order the controller and I have yet to pay her a single penny). Lol.

Sigh, well whatever. I am sure my spending are nothing compared to many other people in this world. Great, now I am comparing myself globally. Well, at least for now I have totally stop trying to order anything online. In fact, I am banking in my Chinese New Year Ang Pow later today XD. See? I am being thrifty. Well, I guess that’s enough pointless whining for today. Told you I like to whine. Perhaps I should shouldn’t start the first post of my new blog this way. Should have written something prim and proper I guess. Heh. That is if I can actually write it down without falling asleep trying hard to fake out something nice to write of. Well, time to go to bed. My eyes are already itching badly, indicating I should really go to my dreamland now. Till then, good night.

Currently listening to: Zutto - Horie Yui

Currently planning to: Get some nice sleep



  1. Breathing is lame to begin with. Enjoy being lame.
    Oh btw where is the flower arrangement courses you promised to have on this site?

  2. lol welcome to wordpress berries. add ur linku :p

  3. which hm3 edition did you buy? how big is mizuki nana’s poster? xD

  4. I bought the February Edition of Hm3…..The Mizuki Nana’s poster is roughly the size of…err…two pages of the magazine stuck together…roughly like that…or slightly longer…Don’t remember…

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